Dana SimoneHey RunPeeps! It’s DanaSimone®️, the newbie to the RunPee team. I would say part of the in-house family but for obvious reasons, you might not believe me. LOL!

I am truly a woman with a purpose on fire! By day, I do my part to save the world from financial ruin as a regulator. By night, I wear a cape (literally) as a mom, event host, philanthropist, author of a time management and fitness book for women, and motivational speaker. My main aspiration in life is to set your hearts aflame with joy, strength, passion, determination, wellness, empathy, and love.

I am the creator of the #FemaleMasterpiece Movement (FMM). The FMM sets out to empower women to become fully-equipped with the necessary armor, knowledge, skills and abilities to transform herself when she has to, but more importantly, when she wants to. As a Female Masterpiece, she becomes the most sought-after woman by everyone because she slays her life physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. In this movement, she discovers her worth, her role, and her why.

Now, my love for movies started as a very young girl accompanying my dad to AMC Theaters in Detroit, Michigan. Almost 10 years ago, I discovered the RunPee app and my love grew even more as my insight expanded, with the great perspectives the RunPee tribe provides with movie reviews and entertainment articles. I no longer just GO to the movies, I actually engross myself in the fiber of the making of the movie, the script, and the actors.

My favorite genres are action, romance, and black comedy. As the new “Movie Urinologist” on board, I look forward to sharing Pee “tissue roll” Time with you and providing amazing reviews. I’m always accessible; don’t hesitate to holla at me, figuratively and literally (when necessary), via email and blog comments.


  • Favorite Genres: Romance, black comedy, action, documentaries, biographical.
  • Favorite Movies: Rush Hour, August Rush, The Proposal, Mary Poppins, and Flashdance.
  • Guilty Pleasure Movies: 50 Shades of Grey and anything gangster.
  • Life Motto: “Never chase a dollar, if it doesn’t make cents.”
  • Other: She’s the creator of the #FemaleMasterpiece empowerment movement and a former talk show host.  Stalk her on her YouTube channel “DanaSimone!” Check out her cool app.

And yes: I wear a cape for every speaking engagement and special appearance I make….and it’s part of my registered trademark.

RunPee Staffer Dana Simone Savage