Movie review : Where The Wild Things Are

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Where the Wild Things Are
Where the Wild Things Are

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[ no spoilers ]

I’m new to the Wild Thing story. Before today all I knew about them came from the artwork. So I have no idea how well the movie tells the story presented in the books.

The audience was mostly small children. I would guess most were in the 5-8 year old range. The content of the story seems well beyond the grasp of a young child but at the end of the movie the audience applauded and it sounded like there were a lot of children doing the clapping. So apparently they enjoyed it.

The movie has a lot of cartoonish violence. Characters are thrown about, they hit things, fall and jump on each other. All with nothing more than a momentary head shaking before continuing on. But the cartoonish violence shouldn’t be a problem for children because it’s never the intent of any of the Wild Things to hurt anyone. It’s all for fun and play.

I enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t great or life changing by any means but I am looking forward to seeing it again and trying to understand it better. As I said, the content of the story is complex and I’m sure that I missed a good bit myself. Although I can use the excuse that I was distracted by writing down PeeTimes.

[ possible spoilers ]

My interpretation is that all of the Wild Things represent either some aspect of Max’s psyche or of someone in his life. What I like about the story, assuming I interpreted it correctly, is that Max realizes through the behavior of the Wild Things that he needs to change his own behavior with his family. It’s subtle and I may have totally read the move incorrectly. Which is why I would like to see it again.

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