Movie review : Up In The Air

Up In The Air
Up In The Air

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A very enjoyable movie. Plenty of laughs and the story doesn’t trod down Predictability Lane. It’s a little difficult to associate with the characters since they lead rather unconventional lives. But the issues they face are similar to what many of us deal with, which brings it back to earth.

The most predictable aspect of this movie is George Clooney’s typically great acting. You would think that he would mix it up every now and then and turn in something rather flat and uninspired, but I suppose he just doesn’t have it in him.

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The cast around him more than holds their own. Anna Kendrick is perfect as a competent and confident college graduate who gets slapped around by life. Vera Farmiga – George’s love interest – doesn’t have a lot to work with. Her role seems rather undemanding except for one scene which she plays very well. Personally I enjoy seeing actors play roles like this and do it well. In many instances the actor feels like they have to turn everything up a notch and overact just to be noticed. Vera didn’t do that. She just played her part and did it well.

And this is another well done job of writing/directing from Jason Reitman. He did Juno and Thank You For Smoking. I think this means we can expect to see a good many more enjoyable movies from this young talent.

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