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Movie Review – Ralph Breaks the Internet

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Movie Review - Ralph Breaks the InternetI didn’t see the first Ralph movie, but it turns out that doesn’t matter. Everything interesting is explained, and the fun begins immediately.

I’ll say, right off the bat, that this movie is worth seeing on the big screen, although I look forward to having this on DVD so I can start and stop each frame at my leisure. I don’t think there’s another movie with this many in-jokes , asides, and easter-eggs crammed into each part of the story. It IS about the internet, after all.

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In fact, right after the film ended, I went up to the  larger-than-life movie marquee poster and examined it for about ten minutes, to catch all the little internet allusions without stress.

I was there so long one woman asked me to get out of the way so her family could take a photo in front of it. Oops. I moved away with alacrity and some embarrassment. I’m supposed to be a grownup and not excited by cartoons, right? LOL. [pullquote]I’m (proudly) geeky enough to announce that this film was a big treat and not only to me: the audience roared with laughter the entire runtime.[/pullquote] It made finding Peetimes a challenge.

You do NOT want to miss the Disney section, at all, with the Princesses and the Star Wars characters. And I can happily report that almost everyone playing their original characters showed up for a voice cameo. And then some!

[pullquote position=”right”]Look at the cast credits as they scroll, and see if you picked up on any of the many celebrity voices. You’ll have to sit there until the end in anyway, to catch the prankish extra scene.[/pullquote]

Ralph 2 simply rocked. See this in 3-D if you can, but see it on the big screen no matter what. This movie is ginormous fun and should not be missed.

If you take the family to see this on the holiday season, I promise that kiddos and adults alike will have a great time.

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Grade: A

About The Peetimes: Note: my showing had a ‘thank you to the fans’ segment before the film began. Don’t start the timer at this point. Wait until the Disney Castle fades afterward. I’d recommend the 1st Peetime if possible. The movie is so chock-full of great things to see in the internet-verse, with so many in-jokes that are truly amusing — you won’t want to miss much of this film.

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Ralph Breaks the Internet. (What we mean by Anything Extra.)

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7 responses to “Movie Review – Ralph Breaks the Internet”

  1. jmichael2497 Avatar

    I feel like I’m in the contrarian camp on this one, as I just finished re watching Wreck It Ralph in 3d with a bunch of friends in preparation to see the new sequel…

    but Ralph Breaks The Internet didn’t really meet my relative expectations from seeing the first one many times, with it’s enjoyable and consistent emotional beats.

    After arriving late and still being subjected to sitting through two promos for toy story 4, live action Dumbo (egh), Mary Poppins Returns… I was already starting off keenly aware of the money grab mentality that is so often entangled with the internet.

    I felt like the movie was too often a blatant product placement, rather than poking fun, and like I was paying to see ads…

    then they sandwiched some good storytelling scenes in between that I enjoyed, but I want the ad-free edit, please.

    Overall, it felt a bit all over the place, like was aptly said about Fantastic Beasts 2 (wow, really gotta mind that autocorrect fail) but was luckily not quite so diffuse, though it did have some uncomfortable to watch visuals maybe more appropriate for older viewers.

    I actually gave it a lower rating than I expected going in, and I started modestly. Maybe I’ll like it better with another viewing since I had particular expectations, the branding was jarring, and out of sync lips for Shank were frequently distracting, but who knows.

    I loved the feeding game I’d seen in the promo, so really was expecting more of that sort of exploring, ah well, curious to see the deleted scenes in the future.

  2. I haven’t seen the first Ralph, so i only know that I laughed hard and long at this, and the scenes with the Princesses and Star Wars made me ungodly happy. I didn’t mind the ads…this was a movie about living in the internet. Goes with the territoriality. I was surprised how every site was mentioned by name but You Tube was called Buzz Tube. There’s probably a story there.

    I found this very cool up until the climax. Wasn’t impressed with the Ralph insecurity monster. That kept the Plus off the A rating. I’m harsh on climaxes…they need a good payoff.

    Maybe once I see the original Ralph I’ll love it even more. But for this, I had ZERO expectations. And didn’t see trailers. All of that probably helped.

    1. jmichael2497 Avatar

      Oops, guess I missed the reply notification.

      Curiously my friends that had seen the first movie… liked the second movie, and somebody else who hadn’t seen the first… also liked the the second.

      I do prefer going in to movies I plan to see based on brief written description and ratings, avoiding trailers and spoilers as much as possible (I even try to account for 20min of trailers before movie actually starts and sit towards the end).

      All I mainly remember from the trailer was that ️ game scene they stuck in at the credits and the Disney princesses scene, which were the best.

      I’ll just have to wait until we get a MIB memory wipe for trailers ⚡

      1. I love it, jmichael. We need the MIB “flashy thing.” There were some trailers I had to hide my eyes from and hum out loud to not listen to, like for Logan, and The Last Jedi. Sometimes these trailers just tell too much movie. I’m nervous about Captain Marvel that way, but usually the MCU knows better than to give us too much.

        That should be the next big app: one that warns viewers to avoid trailers that give away what should be kept secret.

        LOL, in Ralph, the Princesses scenes are just stellar, and I laughed long and well at the little joke the film played on the audience at the very end.

        BTW, did you see the trailer for the upcoming new MIB: International? It looks wonderful. Hemsworth has lovely comedic timing.

  3. jmichael2497 Avatar

    ooh, a list i looked at from AMC didn’t have any info or poster for a “men in black: international” so i dismissed it as a generic, but apparently it is the year of dusting off old properties for a fourth like TS4 and MIB4, thanks for the tip, i hope i don’t forget ⚡

  4. The trailer is good. There might be secret cameos even. I’ll be having a positive outlook on this one.

    Sometimes we get a BumbleBee (good) and sometimes an ID4 2 (bad).

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