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Movie review : Leap Year

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Leap Year
Leap Year

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With its stunning on-location southwest Irish landscapes, Leap Year is a sweet treat for the eyes. The leads are easy on the oculars also.

We don’t get anything new here – our characters share in their disdain for each other, bickering their way from Dingle to Dublin, occasionally revealing emotional baggage while inwardly denying the building romantic attraction. Do they end up together? DO THEY? What do you think?

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I’m okay with all this. It’s a romantic comedy. Most movies of this ilk trod such ground – it’s what we buy with our ticket. What makes something in this genre worthwhile is how the characters get there. Where we experienced utter FAIL last month with tired romcom Did You Hear About the Morgans, Leap Year is actually a pleasant 105-minute diversion.

Some of the humor works, in particular a running verbal gag about Anna’s suitcase, and a sweet beach scene with drunken Anna declaring Declan an irritable, beautiful lion. The director should have stuck with such story-based comedy, because the slapstick moments (a flying shoe, slipping in the mud, stepping in poo) are merely embarrassing.

[Spoiler-ey comment ahead, although, honestly, what else do you expect in a romantic comedy?]

By the time Anna returns home to Boston we feel her dismay in seeing her old life through newly adjusted eyes. This makes more real her snap decision to head back to Ireland and confront Declan. What she says to him is highly awkward – I was squirming through her speech – but earnestly heartfelt.

[No more spoilers]

Ireland herself steals most of the scenes, with endless rows of ancient stone walls lining narrow country roads, sheer ocean cliffs, romantic tumbling castles overlooking lush valleys, and quiet bed and breakfast inns tucked under statuesque trees.

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Next best is Matthew Goode, a marvel at turning mediocre lines into something fresh and intriguing. Declan is a joy in his rudely insightful, gruff way, and has a knack for eye-rolling expressions of disdain. Goode carries this film, infusing delightful charm into his old boyo persona.

Amy Adams is serviceable, reprising Meg Ryan’s ebullient control-freak tendencies from When Harry Met Sally. Her Anna is a snotty yet likable Boston socialite, intent on getting exactly what she wants in the exact manner she envisions. How cute little Adams manages to totter around on those heels – on those roads – is a cinematic mystery.

Leap Year was light and enjoyable. Goode’s charm tugs this B movie into an actual B+. But be warned: you’ll leave the theater planning a trip to Dingle and the spectacular southwest Irish coast.

What did you think about Leap Year? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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8 responses to “Movie review : Leap Year”

  1. Anyone been to Ireland? If I go there, will it really look like that?

  2. Okay, after some online research, apparently Dingle really looks like that. We are planning to go next summer! 🙂
    .-= Jill Florio´s last blog ..Movie review : The Lovely Bones =-.

  3. I like this. Its my favourit movies.I have seen and want to watch again

  4. Jackie Jackson Avatar
    Jackie Jackson

    My neighbor and I went with a group to Ireland in 2007, and yes, it is really like that! We went to the movie mostly to see the scenery and loved the whole movie. It was such fun to watch and brought back a lot of memories of Ireland.

  5. I just sigh whenever I think of that amazing coastline and the stone walled lanes. I want to see everything that was in the movie. 🙂
    .-= Jill Florio´s last blog ..Movie review : Edge of Darkness =-.

  6. Jackie Jackson Avatar
    Jackie Jackson

    We took a Collette Tour and were so happy with it. We saw the little narrow roads, small towns and the big cities. One night we stayed at Cabra Castle. Their awesome milking sheds have been remodeled into wonderful guest rooms. We also had scones at a dairy farm. What a trip! I’ve been to nine countries in the last four years, and Ireland was my favorite! The Cliffs are fantastic!

  7. Okay, too cool. We want to stay in a remodeled milking shed! And a castle. Sigh…
    .-= Jill Florio´s last blog ..Movie review : Edge of Darkness =-.

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