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Movie review : Iron Man 2

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Iron Man 2
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Was Iron Man 2 as good as the first? Overall I’d say no but some bits were better. For instance the fighting / action scenes in IM2 were better and there were more of them. Certainly no letdown there.

The main ingredient that is missing in IM2 is the feeling of discovery that the first one had. You really can’t recreate that. Although it’s possible we could get that magic back in a future sequel that brings members of Avengers together.

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There’s only one little thing that I didn’t like about the movie: the story doesn’t always stay internally consistent with their universe. We saw in the first movie that the Iron Man suit is insanely heavy. When he first lands on the roof of his house the weight of the suit brings him crashing through every floor until he reaches the basement. In IM2 they need to have Stark get into his suit while at a remote location. So they invent the suitcase that morphs into his suit. The problem is that Pepper is carrying it around and throws it to Stark. Are you telling me that the suitcase version of the suit – which seems to be exactly the same suit that he puts on in his basement – weighs only 10 pounds? Or that the shape of the suit makes a difference in its weight?

I know, it’s very nit-picky. I don’t care if movies warp physics to suit their needs – like warp drive – but once you set the rules, please don’t break them.

And don’t forget to stick around until after the end credits. There is an extra scene that you won’t want to miss.

What did you think about Iron Man 2? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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3 responses to “Movie review : Iron Man 2”

  1. Chrys Avatar

    I saw it Friday Night, and really should’ve checked before we went in. After dinner and a pint at the pub next door, I ended up choosing my own runpee right after your suggested one 81 minuted in, and missed the aha about that huge model.

    The flick? a decent sequel. Fun to watch, but felt that the story was missing a few layers that I think were there but got cut for time.

  2. I really like it, too. Maybe I would have less if I was more into Iron Man that other Marvel movies I rage at (like Spiderman).

    The bit about the suitcase. I was thinking “it can’t be a suit, maybe just a arm piece”. But there it was. A suit that took 10 minutes to put on, meanwhile Ivan sits like a moron staring at it 😛

    The suit was a lighter suit. You could tell is was made to be much thinner and lighter than the full suit. He didn’t look as bulky in it, and it gets shredded by the whips. The actual suit wouldn’t be damaged so easily.
    .-= Anthony Aziz´s last blog ..JordanCon Report: RAFO, Brandon Sanderson, TofM/AMoL appearance =-.

  3. I love Iron Man!! Robert Downey Jr. is charming and endearing and made me love this movie! Normally I’m not a comic book fan, usually I go for more dramatic stuff like the movie Cycle (, but because of the Downey I’m a convert and loving it!! Though Scarlette Jo has got to go I just find her annoying.

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