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Meet the RunPee Family

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I get a few user support emails each week and it’s always amusing to me to discover that many people think that RunPee is a company. And that’s not really the case at all. We’re a family and a pretty small one at that. Maybe a few people out there would find it interesting to see who is working behind the scenes to get these Peetimes for you, work on the RunPee app, write movie reviews, and so forth.

peep_danDan Gardner
CEO/Founder/Lead Developer

The RunPee app is about as close to having a child as I’ll ever come. I’ve raised it from an infantile idea to a global traveler that tens of thousands of people use every month. (41,974 in the previous 28 days as of writing.) It is profoundly rewarding to know that I’ve helped so many people enjoy movies a little bit more. I often tell people it isn’t like I cured cancer or anything, but it’s not nothin.

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The RunPee app tells you the best times to
run & pee during a movie
so you don't miss the best scenes.

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I handle all of the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping the RunPee service going. I watch 1-2 movies a week to get Peetimes and I coordinate the schedule of the other Peeps to see the rest of the movies. I also handle all of the RunPee app updates. The RunPee app is pretty stable now and there’s not much coding left to do, but I aim to update the app a few times a year to fix any bugs that users point out and hopefully make tweaks to the UX so that it’s more intuitive to use. I’m always happy to correspond with the RunPee fans. You can email me ([email protected]) anytime and I’ll get back to you asap. Or you can join the discussion on our Discord server.

peep_sisChristene Johnson
Mistress of Peep and lover of horror movies.

I really can’t thank my sister enough, and if you enjoy horror movies then you can’t either because there wouldn’t be many horror movies added to the RunPee database without her. (I’m not going to watch them!) RunPee Sis has been dutifully helping me with Peetimes for about fourteen years now and I really couldn’t do it without her. The pay isn’t great—all of the Peeps get $50/movie—but she works hard to keep her busy schedule clear on Thursday afternoons so that she’s available to watch movies.

peep_robRob Williams
Blog Contributor Extraordinaire and our man in the UK.

Rob is a retired chap residing in the UK and has been a delightful addition to the RunPee Family. He watches an insane number of streaming movies and writes reviews for the blog. He’s contributed more content to the blog than anyone, and he’s only been with us since 2019. Every now and then, he pitches in with Peetimes for a UK-centric movie and sometimes, when we’re lucky, a blockbuster will release the same day in the UK so he can get Peetimes to me before it premiers in the US.

peep_jillyJill Florio
Chief Editor

What people are saying
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Kathmandu890, 08/09/2021

Water drinkers unite

Run pee is the best app for people who find themselves needing to pee a lot but also not wanting to miss any action. The app gives you the best times to use the bathroom during a movie while also telling you when to leave and which lines to listen for! It not only gives you the time you should go pee, but it also explains to you what is happening during the break. I helped I use this app every time I go to the movies now. My god father recommended this app to 5 years ago and it’s been in my phone ever since! Highly recommended.

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Get the RunPee app at the Google Play Store     Get the RunPee app at the Google Play Store

Jill was there with me in 2005, watching King Kong when the RunPee idea was born. She’s been part of the family ever since by helping add Peetimes and most of all, acting as the Chief Editor for the blog.

peep_veraVera Tsien
Peep Wrangler and developer

Vera (my wife) joins me for most of the biggest blockbuster movies and helps me select the best Peetimes. It’s handy having two people to debate the finer points of which scenes work best and we want to provide everyone with the best experience possible. Vera also co-developed the RunPee rebuild with me back in 2020 when we converted the app to a Flutter codebase.

peep_danaDana Simone Stovall
RunPee Embasador/Peep

Dana has been a huge help to us over the years. First and foremost, she’s our number one fan and promotes RunPee far and wide. She pitches in with Peetimes every now and then.
Book 1 – My Time Management & Fitness Book:
Book 2 – The Female Masterpiece Gratitude Journal: IAmGratefulEveryday
Twitter: iLoveDanaSimone
YouTube: DanaSimoneYouTube

peep_shaneeShanee Edwards
Host of the Write On Podcast for Final Draft

If you love to go to the premiere showing of a blockbuster movie then you probably have Shanee to thank for the Peetimes. Shanee is a movie critic based in Los Angeles, and she is the only person associated with RunPee who has access to movie screenings. Normally, either my sister or I will be at the first showing of a movie. But if it’s a blockbuster and we’re expecting large crowds for the premier showing, then I’ll splurge and get Shanee to give me Peetimes just to make sure our fans aren’t disappointed.

Steven Blackman

Steven is a big movie lover and RunPee fan who approached me about becoming a Peep. He stuck with the training and has done a great job helping us add a few movies that would have otherwise gone missing in the RunPee app. Steven lives in NYC so he has access to pretty much every movie that comes out, whereas my sister and I live in smallish towns that often don’t show some of the more popular limited-release movies or if they do it will be weeks after their initial release.

Don’t miss your favorite movie moments because you have to pee or need a snack. Use the RunPee app (Androidor iPhone) when you go to the movies. We have Peetimes for all wide release films every week, including Civil War, Monkey Man, Godzilla x Kong: The new Empire and coming soon The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, and Fall Guy and many others. We have literally thousands of Peetimes—from classic movies through today’s blockbusters. You can also keep up with movie news and reviews on our blog, or by following us on Twitter @RunPee. If there’s a new film out there, we’ve got your bladder covered.

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