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All the 2020 panels are free, online, with no lines needed.

The 2020 San Diego Comic Con is online this year due to Co-Vid, and free to everyone around the world. Here’s my live report from Wednesday July 22, the first day of the big four day event.

The first day (Wednesdays) are usually low key, with less hype, and more introspective panels. This year is no different. I like Wednesdays because you can usually have a guaranteed panel seat, less crowds, and more potential to ask personal quests and get the interaction you crave with presenters.

While I’m watching these panels live each hour, they are all recorded and available on You Tube forever. So you can attend any of these talks right now, tomorrow, or any time. Here’s what I’m viewing today, starting with the introductory welcome to the 2020 online San Diego Comic Con:

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The first panel I attended this year is very topical, discussing superheroes and mask-wearing. Could this BE any more timely?

Note: All times are Pacific Standard Time. 

The Cruelty of Masks (3pm)

College and the Nerd Mind (5pm):

The Intersection of Academia and Fandom: (6pm)


The 2020 SD CC Souvenir Guide is FREE!

The freebie of the year! This is a large PDF, so allow time to download it. It’s set up like a real book, with full truck pages facing each other…enjoy. These are hard to get each year, so free is awesome. There’s also some great art that might be worth printing.

2020 San Diego Comic Con Souvenir Guide

Interactive Exhibit Hall Map Link

Here’s the famed Exhibit Hall, this time LINE-FREE! Maybe you can buy some cool swag. This link goes to the Hall Map, and each logo goes to a link with bonus information. It’s nothing like the real thing, but you’ll have room for your elbows. Use this map to help you plan your Exhibit Hall expedition for next year.

Getting ready for Day 2 – Thursday, July 23:

Tomorrow, I’ll be attending some of the bigger panels including the big Virtual Star Trek Panel (full of hugely adored  Trek stars and even Patrick Stewart!), Marvel’s MCU storyboarding, A Lord of the Rings panel, one about Star Trek Ladies, Nerd Up or Shut Up, Simon Pegg’s new horror/comedy show, Creativity in the Time of Co-Vid, The Future of Entertainment, This is Not the Apocalypse You’re Looking For, How to Build A Girl Squad, The Comic Con Museum, The Science of Back to the Future, The Science of Star Trek, More Science in your Fiction, and the X-Men Fandom Surprise Party.

Well, that’s a lot of panels. I’ll be cherry picking from those tomorrow, and will look on YouTube for the ones I missed during the next week. It looks like I’ll be enjoying more Comic Con content than ever before.

But what is comic con actually like, in person?

Here’s a nice 47 minute video tour of last year’s San Diego Comic Con. If you haven’t attended CC before, enjoy this   in-person walkthrough now:

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