1917 trench scenes Salisbury plains in Wiltshire England

Is there anything extra during the end credits of 1917?

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1917 Yes, there are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of 1917

Anything Extra Details

During the credits there is an extra, but it’s just a sweet In Honor Of.

119 / 1:49:0

During the credits there is a simple tribute message:

“For Lance Corporal Alfred H. Mendes / 1st Battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps / who told us the stories.”

You can leave right after that — there’s nothing else.

The credits run for approximately 10 minutes.

[Alfred Mendes is the director’s (Sam Mendes’) paternal grandfather. Alfred Mendes, born in Trinidad, and volunteered for WWI when he was 19 years old.]

The credits run for approximately 10 minutes.

Read the RunPee movie review for 1917 by Shani Ogilvie.

Movie review grade: A

Rated (R) for violence, some disturbing images, and language
Genres: Drama, War
USA release date: 2020-01-03
Movie length: 1 hour 59 minutes

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There are NOT any extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of 1917
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We have 3 Peetimes for 1917. Learn more.

About The Peetimes
Everything blended seamlessly in this movie.

The movie follows the journey of the main characters’ every move and leaves little room for irrelevant dialogue. This made it both a blessing and a curse to find Peetimes.

There were 3 scenes that didn’t take away from the story, and these made for excellent Peetimes.

I Recommend the 2nd Peetime.

Movie Review – 1917

Movie Review – 1917


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