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How to write a useful film review

A movie review is a short article that expresses your opinion about a movie you have recently seen. Sometimes people write such essays not even to publish them somewhere, but just to analyze their thoughts about a movie. At the same time, it’s a typical academic assignment. People can also post their reviews online to recommend a film for other viewers or, on the contrary, criticize it. Either way, you can hardly find an appropriate option among original essays for sale as they won’t express your opinion and emotions. Therefore, let’s dive deeper into the process of working on a movie review and how to make it useful for your readers.

Structure of a film review

In order to write a good movie review competently, you must first make a clear structure of your text. Try to stick to a particular writing plan, use special vocabulary on the topic, then your review will be more colorful, emotional, and impressive.

What a movie review should look like:

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  1. Introduction. The first part of the review should provide basic information about the film: its name, director, actors playing the leading roles, where and when the picture was shot, etc. It is crucial to present the facts first and then move on to your opinion of the film.
  2. The main body. It’s time to summarize the content of the film and its plot. Tell about the main events occurring in it, but do not go into too much detail. What the film is about should be described in the present tense, not the past tense. Then you can move on to your impressions after watching it. If you liked the film, tell why, what made the story memorable, and what you thought was most interesting.
  3. Conclusion. At the end of your work, formulate your conclusions briefly and clearly. The final part contains the main concluding thought that will show readers what you wanted to say in your review. If you recommend the film for viewing, write about it.

What to include in your film review?

  • First of all, you need to make an accurate description of the film. To do this, remember or write down the actors who play the leading parts and specify the characters they play. Describe the main storyline and recall some interesting facts from the biographies of the celebrities who starred in this film. Perhaps they have already appeared in similar movies. You can recall it by drawing parallels.
  • Find fascinating facts about the crew and the making of the film. What locations the film was shot in, its budget and everything will be interesting to the reader. If the film has been in the box office for more than a week, add information about box office receipts. Pay attention to the film’s director, especially if he/she is a young professional. Tell about their previous experience or planned productions.
  • Dive deeper into the soundtracks of the movie. Is it w renowned composer or an indie band? If an unknown artist has composed the music, you should mention it in your review. Indicate the musical genre and interesting features in the voicing of the film.
  • Once you have described the protagonists, the characters they play, identified the director, producers, composer, you can begin describing the storyline. You must not reveal all the secrets of the film. Intrigue the viewer with your feedback. You should only slightly lift the curtain of mystery, can designate exciting twists of the plot.
  • If the ending is unexpected, you should write about it. But you don’t need to describe characters’ actions. Let the reader watch the movie and find out for themselves.
  • Of course, a great review will have a lot of factual information about the movie in question, but it DOES NOT need to be turned into a dry list of facts. A useful review is sure to include the author’s personal opinion of the text but without spoilers. When you write a movie review, think about the story in this way: Does the plot make sense? Can you make sense of the characters’ actions? You can also reflect on the acting. Did the actors manage to reincarnate their characters faithfully? We can also touch upon special effects and background music: did the creators of the picture manage to support the story with all this wealth, or, on the contrary, did the abundance of special effects, lighting, and soundtracks only distract from the main narrative?


Don’t forget to back up any statement you make with facts. Descriptions of specific scenes, a particular actor’s acting style, an interesting camera position when shooting — everything goes here. That’s how we back up our words with real information. You can even quote a short dialogue if you think it helps to make your point more clearly. Your film review will be useful if you manage to grab the readers’ attention and convince them to watch or forget about the movie.

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