The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

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What is a Peecoin?

We add all the new wide-release movies every week, to the tune of about 160 movies a year (for ten years running). That costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. There are three ways to help support the RunPee Family and app.

What you get for a Peecoin
Viewing the Peetimes for a movie will spend 1 Peecoin. That is the only way to spend a Peecoin in the RunPee app. Everything else is free. Once you spend a Peecoin on a movie that movie is added to your Movie Library and you will never need to spend a Peecoin for that movie again. 

How to get Peecoins:

Free Option
You can view advertisements. Each advertisement you watch earns you one Peecoin, which gives you all the Peetimes for one movie of your choice. Because we know ads are an annoyance, you have the option to view as many as you would like, before-hand and back-to-back, and bank lots of Peecoins to use later.

We make about 1 cent from each advertisement, which doesn’t quite cover our costs, but we’d rather give you the Peetimes for a cent than earn nothing at all.

You can purchase an in-app subscription for $1/month that will give you unlimited access to all movies and Peetimes for as long as you’re subscribed.

Infinity Peecoin
If you fall in love with the RunPee app, you can purchase the Infinity Peecoin, which does pretty much what you’d expect: gives you unlimited Peetimes, with no ads, forever. The Infinity Peecoin costs $48 in-app.

RunPee Costs
I’m sure you understand it costs money every week to add movies and Peetimes to the RunPee app. Movie tickets are the least of our concern: it takes about 6 hours of work to add the Peetimes for every movie. Surprisingly, people don’t like to work for free — not even family. 🙂 Everyone gets paid for their work, and believe me, it’s work. Watching a movie is easy, but watching a movie with an intense focus on finding the best Peetimes and taking notes for two hours (for the biggest blockbusters, it’s even longer!) is stressful. Our holidays, for a solid decade, revolve around movie-going. The joys of a family business! We try to see movies in our preferred genres, but end up doing the best we can. 🙂

We know people are counting on us every week to consistently deliver quality advice. When we get home, we have to add the data, which again is harder than you might think. Writing a brief, but sufficiently informative synopsis of a Peetime is time consuming. We fret over every sentence, what we can take out, or shorten, and what has to be in there. We edit and re-check everything. Because we know you’re counting on us.

Is that worth 10 cents?  We think so; we hope you do too.