The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

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Types of Peetimes: recommended, emergency, alert


At the top of the Peetimes Screen, we provide a brief message about the Peetimes for your selected movie. This isn’t essential information, but can help you choose which Peetime to use. We try to keep it short.

Let’s take a look at an individual Peetime Card, so you’re familiar with all the details. At the top-left is the Peetime count — in this example, 2 of 2.


In the About this Peetime… you can see the Recommended Peetime indicator — thumbs-up. In some cases, you’ll see an Emergency Peetime in that place. Our goal in every film is to find Peetimes about every 30 minutes or so, throughout the middle of a movie. If we find a Peetime that is plenty long and doesn’t have any crucial scenes then we’ll Recommend it over the others. Contrarily, if there’s been a long gap between Peetimes, we might include a Peetime we wouldn’t necessarily recommend, but if you’re in a tight spot and really need to go, then this will do, often as an Emergency Peetime. Of course, most Peetimes fall somewhere in between and aren’t labeled either way. They’re just regular Peetimes.




In large text is the exact time when this Peetime starts — accurate to within about 5 seconds. This is followed by the length of the Peetime — 3 minutes and 30 seconds in this example.

Then, you can see the Peetime Cue. This tells you exactly what you should be looking/listening for during the movie, so you’ll know precisely when the Peetime begins, when to get up and go. (We work extra hard to make sure the Cue doesn’t contain any spoilers. (You’re welcome.)

Lastly, you’ll see a brief “About this Peetime…” message about what sorts of scenes you might miss during each Peetime. For instance, in an action movie we might have some Peetimes during repetitive action sequences, and others during long scenes of exposition. We note that here, so you can choose which sort of scene you would prefer to skip.

Most importantly, you can tap anywhere on the Peetime Card to view the Synopsis of what happens during this Peetime. This is where we will describe in full what is happening while you’re out of the theater. We tell you what’s happening on screen while you’re otherwise occupied. Check it in the hallway or the toilet stall!  Peetimes are between 2 1/2 to 5 minutes, enough time to take care of business and get right back. You can’t find this kind of information anywhere else on the internet. (Trust us: it’s a lot of work to make Peetimes.)

On rare occasions, we have Alert Peetimes. (See image below.)



Alert Peetimes are very subjective, but we do our best to help you avoid scenes we feel are “over the top” in relation to the rest of the movie. Alerts  focus on scenes of animal cruelty, torture, or sexual violence — things that might make some movie goers uncomfortable.  Please understand;  we’re doing our best with Alerts, but our laser focus is on finding the best Peetimes we can. The Alerts are just an extra service for you, requested by fans like yourself.