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Add your Expectation rating to the Peeple’s Poll

The RunPee app’s Peeple’s Poll is unique among movie rating systems in that it asks users to input their Expectation Rating prior to viewing a movie and then after seeing the movie users can input their Final Rating.

I hope you’ll agree that it only makes sense to add your Expectation Rating prior to viewing a movie. With that in mind the Expectation Rating input is restricted to the Peetimes Screen, and the Timer Screen.

If you visit the Peetimes Screen you’ll see something like this:


There are two Peeple’s Poll sliders, one before the Peetime(s) for your Expectation Rating and one after the Peetime(s) for your Final Rating.

If you use the RunPee app’s built in Timer you’ll see an option to add your Expectation Rating directly after tapping on the Timer button, and then as the Timer counts down to the end of the movie you’ll see an option to add your Final Rating.

Peeple’s Poll button on the Movie Info screen.

Even if you watched a movie ten years ago you can add your Final Rating at any time via the Peeple’s Poll results screen. You can find these results on the Movie Info screen — the first screen you see after selecting a movie. In fact, we’d be delighted if you went back into the movie archive and added Final Ratings for lots of movies. For instance, if you wanted to rate all of the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe you could tap the Advanced Search icon on the Movie List screen and select “MCU” from the genres so that you can see all of the MCU movies in our database. Then you could go back and rate each movie individually.

If you want to rate all of the movies in your RunPee Movie Library you can access that list by tapping the Advanced Search icon and then selecting My Library at the top of the screen.