Quiz – Bradley Cooper – Actor, Director, Musician

I’ll give you the plot — you give me the Bradley Cooper movie. 

Mr. Cooper has done some amazing work in his relatively short career. This guy’s future really is paved with gold. Are you a fan? Tell us in the comments after you take our fun and informative quiz!

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3 Replies to “Quiz – Bradley Cooper – Actor, Director, Musician”

    1. Thanks for your comment. Rocket is my hero. Since Artificial Intelligence is so quickly becoming a part of our lives, I someday want my own Rocket to ride shotgun with me if I have to drive down the 405 freeway in LA again.

  1. Ha! You do understand if Rocket rides “shotgun’ with you, he will take that very literally. Or I guess that’s the point on the 405. Makes you wish for a spaceship, that.

    I wonder which of Bradley’s movies will get an award this year. A Star is Born is a contender, and so is The Mule, but it’s up against some stellar, stalwart competition.

    I’ll be watching this guy as he matures. He might make my short list of “can do no wrong.”

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