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Recent Movie Reviews

Movie Review – Civil War

We limit ourselves here at RunPee with only one A++ rating each year, per Peep. I have no qualms about spending my only A++ of the year Civil War.  Alex Garland put on a writing and directing master class in Civil War. Leading up to seeing this movie, I was both looking forward to it […]

Movie Review – The First Omen

In all honesty, this move bored me to death. I took my granddaughter with me and she was even bored. She was hopeful for some great scary moments but it never happened. It dragged terribly and I could barely understand a word they said. They mumbled terribly and they overdid the accents. In the last […]

Movie Review – Monkey Man

I think the first John Wick represents the very best this genre has to offer. Monkey Man follows the path of revenge storyline of John Wick fairly closely. Acting Unsurprisingly, the acting in Monkey Man is top-notch. Dev Patel is excellent, and the supporting cast all the way around is pretty good. The villains are properly despicable in their […]

Movie Review – Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

I’m a big fan of the Monsterverse. I have enjoyed all of them, usually more than I expected. But this is probably the worst of all of the Monsterverse movies so far. I’m not saying it was bad. But I just didn’t feel the awesome that all of the other movies somehow managed to capture here […]

Movie Review – Immaculate

Immaculate blew me away. I did not prepare myself adequately. I want to first address the graphic nature of this movie. It’s rated R for a reason. You will see things that you won’t ever forget. In order to not ruin your viewing experience, I’m not going to give you the ending, just a fair […]

Netflix’s Three-body – first episode review

First, let me start with some context. I’m a born and raised in China kind of Chinese, I’m a big fan of the Three-body trilogy. In fact, they are my favourite sci-fi books ever. I read them in Chinese many times, and in an effort to get Dan to read the trilogy, I read the […]

Anything Extra

One of the favorite features of the RunPee app is to let you know if there is Anything Extra during the end credits. We don’t just give you a yes or no. If there are extras, we’ll tell you when they happen, but without spoiling the fun. 


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