The Croods – movie review

TheCroodsGrade: A-

This is a smart, funny and colorful movie about a clan of cave people who must travel to unknown territory after their cave was destroyed by plate tectonics. They meet up with a more evolved person – his forehead isn’t sloped – who introduces them to the prehistoric version of shoes, cell phones, sun glasses and a walker for Grandma.

In a way the story is a lesson in history, geology, evolution and, most importantly, relationships.

Grug, the father, is having a difficult time relating to his teenage daughter, Eep. Not so very different from today’s struggles between father and daughter.  There were laugh out loud moments and also tender touching moments topped off with some great action scenes.

This was Nickolas Cage’s finest performance since National Treasure. Emma Stone’s husky yet feminine voice was perfect for the daughter Eep.

This is not a movie for just the kiddies it will also appeal to the adult audience.

I didn’t see the 3D version of the movie because I was getting peetimes – it’s hard to write with those glasses on – but I would highly recommend seeing the 3D. I know that I’m going to go back and re-watch it again, this time in 3D, just to enjoy the beauty.

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