Movie Review – Suburbicon

Ominous, paranoid, dark, slow, violent, pessimistic, foreboding, and disturbing. Racist, and rather evil. None of the named characters are remotely likable. If these traits sound like movie accolades to you, you’ll like this film.

I didn’t. It was vile. If I wasn’t seeing it for work, I would have walked out. I didn’t find my viewing a redeeming use of time and felt…grimy…when I walked out.

I was thinking it might be something like *Pleasantville*, another dark portrayal of a mid-century bland suburbanite fantasy. *Pleasantville* at least was a good story. *Suburbicon* is the kind of film you’ll probably love or hate, depending on your tolerance for demented imagery and disturbing humor.

I will give this a C+, which is more than I want to, because director George Clooney clearly had a vision for how he wanted to tell this story, and used a very stylized tone/palette/soundtrack to accomplish this. It’s quirky in a mean-spirited way, with some callbacks to the old Hitchcock films. Some of the camera work almost made me nauseous, and I am sure that was intended.

Matt Damon does his role well, and so does Moore. Even if you can’t like them (or anyone else).

Movie Rating: C+