Movie review – Sucker Punch

[ No spoilers ]

Sucker Punch wasn’t bad at all. But it wasn’t very good either. It is easy to see the similarities with Watchmen since both are products of Zack Snyder. So if you liked the style of Watchmen you’ll certainly enjoy Sucker Punch. But don’t expect to get the same depth of plot and storytelling from Sucker Punch that we got with Watchmen.

The plot/story of Sucker Punch is supposed to inspire a message that the key to our salvation lies within. It’s a good message and if a story delivers that message via the plot and action then you have the potential for a solid film. I don’t think I would have gotten that from Sucker Punch at all if it hadn’t been narrated at me right at the end of the movie. It feels like Zack got to the end of the movie and realized that the message was a little obscured by the glitz of the action in the movie so he decided to just tell us what we were supposed to get.

Throughout the movie I was trying to figure out what exactly was going on with the dance and the cutaways to fantastic action scenes with the girls. By the end of the movie I had stopped trying to make since of the plot and just waited for the next fantasy scene so that I could enjoy the hotness of watching women with guns and swords take down legions of robots, orcs, German WWI soldiers, whatever.  Okay, even that got a little old by the end.

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