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PeeTimes for Orphan are up. Our reviewer told us there is only one decent PeeTime (35 minutes in), so we suggest using that as a proactive pee break. That way you can enjoy the non-stop second half of the movie! CREEPY!


What do you think about Orphan? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

Jill Florio

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4 Replies to “Movie review : Orphan”

  1. This movie bothers me so much I don’t even know where to start. As if adoption doesn’t already come in waaay down the list as desirable after biological procreation! Adoption, and orphans sure don’t need this movie out there making the whole process look possibly dangerous and scary! My husband and I are in the process of adopting our first child and to think that someone like her is portrayed in this way is just sickening.
    .-= shannon´s last blog ..Summer Loves =-.

  2. Hi Shannon. Honestly, I am just glad I didn’t have to see this movie. I am not a horror fan at all and children in horror are as creepy as it gets. Christene and Danielle Johnson, who did do the PeeTime for this one, LOVED the movie! But then they like scary movies that give them the jeebs.

    Good luck with your adoption process! I hope this flick doesn’t affect people who are prospective adopters. My guess is the effect will be negligible.

  3. If some couple will be disuaded to adopt a lucky child because of this bad work of fiction, they don’t deserve to be taking care of a child.

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