Movie review – Limitless

[ No spoilers ]

I wasn’t expecting much out of this movie. In fact I thought it had limitlessly bad written all over it. Surprisingly it’s a pretty decent movie.

Bradley Cooper is certainly a solid actor and gives a fine performance. In fact he’s ideal for this roll. And of course Robert De Niro is his usual fantastic self and has much more than just a bit roll that I was expecting.

It was really the story that I thought had lameness written all over it. That’s where I was most surprised. The plot and pacing move along really well and stays grounded.

The real question is: should you watch this movie in the theater or wait for the DVD? I would lean towards watching this on DVD in a few months. There’s nothing so fantastic about it that you won’t miss anything watching it at home.

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This tweet is a keeper

Molly Wood tweets about RunPee

I don’t deny it. I’m a huge Molly Wood fan. Smart, witty, funny, pretty. What’s not to love? She not even afraid to make fun of Apple and Steve Jobs which just endears me more to her.

But it’s tweets like this that make my month:

Molly Wood tweets about RunPee
Molly Wood tweets about RunPee

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Movie review – Battle: Los Angeles

[ No Spoilers ]

Battle: Los Angeles is an amazingly fun, action packed, and gut wrenching movie. There was nothing that I didn’t like about the film. It has a lot in common with the other modern alien invasion movies: District 9, Independence Day, etc. But it is closer to District 9 in it’s grittyness.

The movie follows a platoon of marines starting 24 hours before the invasion through about a day or so of fighting. Once the action starts there is hardly a chance to catch your breath until the credits – making it hard to find peetimes! 🙂

One word of warning that I’d offer is that many of the shots are done with a shaky handheld camera. You won’t want to sit too close to the screen for this film. I sat in the back row and it hardly bothered me at all.

What I appreciated the most about the film is how well they avoided the need to go over the top with impossible action shots – as in ID4. They also avoided any unnecessary need to trudge up any fake romances or inappropriate humor. As much as an alien invasion movie is fiction this seemed real – which made it all the more gripping.

The only exposition comes from just a few short news clips that we watch with the marines. So we know what they know and that’s it. There’s no jumping around to different groups of people. Halfway through the movie you’ll be able to feel like your a member of the squad as well.

The movie is graphic but not over the top. There are no shots of limbs being blown off – as in Saving Private Ryan. There is only one scene in the movie that might seem gross – the alien autopsy – but even that is pretty tame.

I’m not a military veteran but if you are this movie will make you feel proud. The marines are the good guys out fighting to save their country and it’s citizens. Hooah!

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Funny RunPee ads

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I have a vague idea for an ad involving Wolverine and trying to pee with his claws extended. I’ll get to that when I have a few extra minutes.

Do you have any suggestions for other ads. Just let me know. Or even create some yourself if you want and tell me about it in the comments below.

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There’s not exactly a lot of awards out there for the best mobile application to help someone pee. But we’ve done fairly well for ourselves by winning an award or two. got NETTED by the Webbys: The Best User-Generated Strategic Guide To Optimal Movie Pee-Break Moments Ever. named the RunPee iPhone app a top pick! Thanks guys.

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What is RunPee for, anyway?

The mission of – to help you enjoy your movie going experience and relieve your bladder at the same time:

  • Every movie has a few scenes in there somewhere that aren’t crucial to the plot, or can be easily summed up for you on our site.
  • Every movie has a few minutes you can miss and not be lost when you sit back down.
  • No more guessing when to run and pee.

When are PeeTimes for a newly released movie posted?

Unfortunately, no one involved with has access to pre-screenings of movies. So we have to wait just like everyone else to see a movie.

With very few exceptions, when a movie is released someone will be there watching it on opening day – most often at the very first showing. There are usually 2-4 movies released each weekend, so some of the movies won’t have PeeTimes until late in the


Hopefully we’ll be able to get access to cinema pre-screenings soon, so that the PeeTimes will be there for the avid movie fans that must see a movie at the earliest possible time.

What is the iPhone RunPee App? How does it work and what will the updates be like?

As you can see from the reviews, the RunPee app is widely regarded as a must have for movie goers, but it isn’t perfect. The two most commonly requested updates are:

  • to add a vibration to the timer,
  • and enable local storage of data so that the app can be used offline and by iTouch users.

We are also going to enable the timer to run in the background so that you can switch apps – not that you really need to during a movie! So keep an eye out. These updates, and more, are all coming soon. You can buy the iPhone app for one dollar at iTunes –> RunPee Mobile App

What about other Smart Phone apps? I don’t have an iPhone.

We’re working feverishly behind the scenes to bring RunPee to the Android, Blackberry, Pre and Nokia. Our Android version is currently in Beta, as we speak! It’s that close to being ready. All updates will be announced with great joy and antici-pee-tion. 🙂

Do I have to actually pee when you tell me to? Can’t I go buy popcorn instead?

Of course! Slip out to the concession stand. Run out and make a phone call. Or use this time to sit back and make out with your date. We only tell you when there are scenes that you can miss and still catch on to the plot. How you use this time is up to you!

Of course, if you choose to run out and make a proactive peewhen we tell you to, it might save you a large bladder later on in the film. We aim to please, so please aim when you pee, as the saying goes.

Who writes the PeeTimes?
PeeTimes are user generated content. It’s a wiki-pee-dia. Movie goers everywhere decide WHEN the best times are to duck out for a quick trip to the restroom or snack bar. Then they tell the rest of us.

How do I make a PeeTime?
If you’ve just seen a new movie, let us know when YOU would have skipped to the toilet. What is the cue for when to duck out of the screening room? What would someone have missed while gone?

Go to, find your movie in the navigation to the left, then click the Create New PeeTime button on the right. Easy peeeeasy.

Are the PeeTimes Moderated? Can I write whatever I want?

Actually, yes, the PeeTimes are all moderated at first and I actually write most of them, so they are correctly synched up with movie start times.

Unless you’ve been granted Super User status, we do need to ensure the entered PeeTimes are actually written to be useful to users. Having PeeTimes that state, “don’t bother seeing this movie; go home and pee whenever,” might be funny once (see Hannah Montana movie), but would get old quickly. We need to keep the quality of our PeeTimes high, to help you find the best times to duck out for a toilet break mid-movie.

How come some of your PeeTimes suggest leaving at important plot points? I thought the PeeTimes were for the boring parts!

Actually, it’s super hard to find PeeTimes in good, well-edited movies. But we don’t want to leave you with nothing. So sometimes the PeeTimes are simply spots in the movie that can be easily summed up, so you won’t be lost when you get back.

So, for example, in Harry Potter 6, we have a PeeTime where you miss Harry getting his Advanced Potions book. It’s important to the plot, but honestly easy to miss: he gets the book and realizes someone smart – but unknown – owned it previously. Easy to sum up and now you know what is going on.

There has to be a scene of at least three-four minutes where you can skip out and not worry you wasted your hard-earned movie ticket money – we want you to be able to slip back into the movie and be able to pick up the gist of things. So we look for scenes that can be described in a few words. You are always welcome to submit PeeTimes you think are better.

Where are the Limited Release Movies? And the Independent Films?

All of the movies that are in wide release get added to the database. I really wanted to see 500 Days of Summer, for example, but I was in Tampa at the time and it wasn’t showing anywhere near me. In fact it wasn’t showing anywhere in Florida when it first came out. Now I’m in Orlando – to stay for a while – and it’s showing at an independent theater about 20 miles away. It’s still just mostly me seeing films and making PeeTimes.

If others can join in on the wiki “pee” dia aspect of the service, then we can ensure ALL movies get covered. Even ones in BollyWood! Why not?


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