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Movie review : Where The Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are Buy the soundtrack for Where the Wild Things Are Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com [ no spoilers ] I’m new to the Wild Thing story. Before today all I knew about them came from the artwork. So I have no idea how well the movie tells the story presented […]

Movie review : The Stepfather

The Stepfather Buy the soundtrack for The Stepfather Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com What did you think about The Stepfather? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Movie review : Law Abiding Citizen

Law Abiding Citizen Buy the soundtrack for Law Abiding Citizen Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com [ no spoilers ] Lets face it: best case scenario is that this movie is just going to be average. We all know the story well about what happens when a man has everything important taken from him. With […]

My experience with the iTunes app store

I just finished reading Newsweek.com’s Striking It Rich: Is There An App For That? I concur with what many of the developers report. Because of the huge amount of publicity that Apple gets, and RunPee itself has gotten more than it’s fair share, people think that I must be making money faster than I can […]

Movie review : Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat Buy the soundtrack for Couples Retreat Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com [ no spoilers ] As of today, Couples Retreat is getting a 9% at RottenTomatoes.com. If you added a zero after the 9, then I think you would have a much more accurate rating of the film. Most of the reviews […]

m.RunPee.com info

If you have registered for the mobile version of RunPee then the code will try to add a cookie so that you don’t have to login every time you visit. However, a lot of mobile browsers don’t work well with cookies. So I’m really sorry if you get prompted to login every time you visit […]

Movie review : ZombieLand

ZombieLand Buy the soundtrack for ZombieLand Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com [ no spoilers ] Let me say first off, that this movie has a fantastic cameo appearance and it’s a big surprise. So try to see the movie before you run into some new previews that give away who the actor, or actress, […]

RunPee on BlackBerry

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a RunPee BlackBerry app? A lot of people think so. We were hoping to have one ready by now – but have run into nothing but snags. Here is the speck for the app: (It would be very similar to the iPhone app which you can see here.) […]

Movie review : Surrogates

Surrogates [ no spoilers ] Okay, stop me if you’ve heard this one before: scientists create a technology that revolutionizes our every day life. Everyone thinks it’s the greatest thing since the invention of the right-mouse-button. Then one guy starts to think maybe this isn’t so great after all and . . . Right, so […]

Movie review : Pandorum

Pandorum Buy the soundtrack for Pandorum Purchase at Amazon.com [ no spoilers ] There’s a perfect Litmus test to tell if you will like Pandorum or not: did you like the first Resident Evil movie? Forget about the sequels which were disappointing at best. The first Resident Evil movie was pretty solid and engaging. And […]