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The RunPee approach to Twitter

The twitter account for @RunPee was voted into the top 60 Twitter profiles by theKbuzz.com – a social marking company. That’s something I’m very proud of. I’ve been a big Twitter fan for years. My person account is @polyGeek which I’ve had since February of 2007. Twitter is very important to the success of RunPee.com. […]

Movie review : I can do bad all by myself

I can do bad all by myself I can do bad all by myself is a well told story filled with a good number of laughs, some amazing song and dance, and wonderful performances from the entire cast. I noticed that most of the laughs come in the first half of the film. As the […]

Movie review : Whiteout

Whiteout Writing reviews for average movies are the most difficult. So this will be a hard review to write. The one thing that inspires me to make this a slightly better than average movie is Kate Beckinsale performance. She did just about everything that could be done with her part. She’s a fine actress and […]

Movie review : 9

9 [ No Spoilers ] Although this film drips with Tim Burton’s style he was only the producer and not the writer/director as he is with many of his films. Shane Acker is the director and the creator of the original story. So kudos to Shane for making such a outstanding film on his first […]

Summer 09 Movie Recap

Now that the summer movie season is over – because I say so – it’s time to recap. USA Today reports that the season started out with a bang but withered at the end. Overall Hollywood brought in just a little more this year than last, but adjusting for ticket prices the attendance was actually […]

Movie review : Gamer

Gamer This movie would certainly have experienced a horrible, bloody, disfiguring death at the box office if it weren’t for Gerard Butler lending a hand to save it. But though he saved it doesn’t mean the movie survives in perfect health. Far from it. If this movie were embodied in human form it would be […]

Movie review : All About Steve

All About Steve I must confess that one of the reasons I enjoyed All About Steve is that Mary’s character – played by Sandra Bullock – is a lot like my wife. So I’ll admit that I have a bit of a prejudice for the film. That aside the film was rather bland. There was […]

Movie review : Extract

Extract Since Extract billed itself as the funniest movie of the summer I think I have grounds to demand a refund based on false advertising. I think The Hangover wins that title hands down, or is that hands together? 🙂 I’m not saying Extract was a bad movie. It just didn’t quite get over the […]

Movie review : Taking Woodstock

Taking Woodstock To me one of the most important aspects of a film is the pacing. Ang Lee is a masterful director and you can see his handywork here. I can’t think of another film that used pacing as a part of the story so effectively. The movie is very slow to get started. But […]