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Movie review : The Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Buy the soundtrack for Tooth Fairy Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon [ No Spoilers ] It’s no secret: I love kids movies. To be more precise I love kids movies that have good humor, good acting and deliver a message without being silly about it. That being said, “I loved Tooth Fairy.” […]

Movie review : The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli Buy the soundtrack for The Book of Eli Purchase at Amazon.com [ No Spoilers ] If you’re a Denzel Washington fan then worst case scenario is you’ll just barely enjoy this film. More than likely you’ll enjoy it a lot. Maybe even love it. What will probably be the determining factor […]

Movie review : The Spy Next Door

The Spy Next Door Buy the soundtrack for The Spy Next Door [ No spoilers ] This movie is exactly what you would expect of it. Classic Jackie Chan action and humor. If you’ve seen any of Jackie’s work before then you know what to expect. Unfortunately there were no children in the theater when […]

Go Bengals

Here at RunPee headquarters – a hidden location in the Arizona desert – we are all pulling for the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL playoffs. That’s because Jordan Palmer is one of the partners at RockSoftware – the company that developed the iPhone app. RockSoftware also developed the official iPhone app for Chad Ochocinco and […]

Movie review : The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus Buy the soundtrack for Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com You’ll certainly enjoy this movie if you’re a fan of Terry Gilliam’s visual style – which I am. I’m pretty sure this is Gilliam’s first major foray into CGI which is worth seeing regardless of the storyline. […]

Movie review : It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated Buy the soundtrack for It’s Complicated Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com . . This is easily the funniest movie of the year. If you exclude The Hangover from the list then It’s Complicated is funnier than all the other comedies that came out in 2009 combined. It’s that funny. The middle third […]

RunPee.com website upgraded for multilingual and regional use

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Revamped RunPee.com to display Peetimes for movies in 21 languages Subject of press release: Major upgrade to the bladder-relieving movie website RunPee.com, adding support for many different languages and regions with exciting new design and visuals. Concept and website Contact: Dan Florio Company: RunPee.com Address: Los Angeles, California Phone: 330-353-9338 Email: polyGeek@RunPee.com […]

RunPee.com : coming soon to a phone near you

By far the most requested feature I get is, “When will there be a RunPee app for my ???? phone?” Currently there are only apps for iPhone and Android phones. There is also m.RunPee.com which is a very simple HTML version of the website that should work on practically any mobile browser. It costs $1/year […]

Movie review : Avatar

Avatar Buy the soundtrack for Avatar Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon.com [ No Spoilers ] As soon as this movie was over I knew that it was in my top 10 all time favorites. After some careful consideration I’d put it in the top 3 – with Return of the King and The Matrix. […]