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Movie review : Green Lantern

The power of the Green Lantern gives the wearer the ability to make anything imaginable become reality. The writers/director used their power to conjure up every imaginable cliche ever used to make a super hero comic adaptation. Wait, I take that back. There’s no side kick in this story so they missed maybe one cliche. […]

Movie review : Super 8

[ No Spoilers ] I’m going to start off with what’s wrong with this movie . . . I’m thinking . . . Just a second. I’m sure I can come up with something . . . Nope, I’m stumped. Can’t think of a single thing that’s wrong with this movie. It’s great from beginning […]

Movie review : X-Men First Class

[ No spoilers ] Going into the theater this morning I had high expectations for X-Men First Class. It has an 88% at RottenTomatoes.com which is very high for a movie of this genre. But after seeing the movie I’m surprised that it’s not much, much, higher. In a word it was awesome. In two […]

Movie Review : The Tree of Life

[ No Spoilers ] I’m going to do this review as an interview of myself by a person who’s interesting in possibly seeing The Tree of Life. potential movie goer: So Dan, did you like The Tree of Life? Dan: [ pause ] . . . ummm. [ pause ] I think so. potential movie […]

Movie review : Thor

[ No Spoilers ] You already know from the previews that Thor is a visual masterpiece. You won’t be disappointed in the FX. They did a fantastic job of building Asgard. It is epic . . . I mean EPIC. I’ll see this movie again on DVD just to see the beauty of it. If […]

Movie review : Priest

[ No spoilers ] I generally like movies in the Priest genre – whatever that is. Movies like this are rarely great and the best one can hope for is that they don’t suck, that they have a few decent action scenes, maybe throw in something moderately unique here and there, and that the story […]

Movie review – Source Code

[ No Spoilers ] Source Code is just like a Phillip K. Dick story except that it doesn’t suck – which is often the case with movie adaptations of P.K.Dick stories. In fact as soon as the movie was over I was checking my IMDb app just to be sure. The plot is well thought […]

Movie review – Sucker Punch

[ No spoilers ] Sucker Punch wasn’t bad at all. But it wasn’t very good either. It is easy to see the similarities with Watchmen since both are products of Zack Snyder. So if you liked the style of Watchmen you’ll certainly enjoy Sucker Punch. But don’t expect to get the same depth of plot […]

Movie review – Limitless

[ No spoilers ] I wasn’t expecting much out of this movie. In fact I thought it had limitlessly bad written all over it. Surprisingly it’s a pretty decent movie. Bradley Cooper is certainly a solid actor and gives a fine performance. In fact he’s ideal for this roll. And of course Robert De Niro […]