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Movie review : Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex Buy the soundtrack for Jonah Hex iTunes Purchase at Amazon What can I say? Jonah Hex isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen – that would be Ultra Violate. The production values didn’t suck. The acting was okay for a comic book based movie . . . I’m trying to think of all […]

Movie review : The A-Team

The A-Team Buy the soundtrack for The A-Team iTunes Purchase at Amazon Our Score: 3 out of 4 stars As I head towards the half-century mark (Septmeber 16 of this year if you’re thinking of getting me a present) I’m often asked what my favorite television shows are. Of course, it’s hard to pick one […]

Movie review : Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 Buy the soundtrack for Iron Man 2 iTunes Purchase at Amazon [ No Spoilers ] Was Iron Man 2 as good as the first? Overall I’d say no but some bits were better. For instance the fighting / action scenes in IM2 were better and there were more of them. Certainly no […]

Movie review : The Losers

The Losers Buy the soundtrack for The LosersiTunes Purchase at Amazon I’m a big fan of this movie genre. I can’t wait to see the A-Team. But let me tell you this movie was horrible. The plot was horrible. The acting, what little there was of it, was bad. Most of the time it seemed […]

Movie review : How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon Buy the soundtrack for How to Train Your Dragon Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon [ No Spoilers ] How to Train Your Dragon was a good solid kids movie that the whole family can enjoy. There were a handful of fun action scenes that appeal to kids. I was […]

Movie review : Green Zone

Green Zone Buy the soundtrack for Green Zone Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon I think the best way to describe how good this movie is is to compare it to a very good George Clooney movie with all the very good parts taken out. There’s nothing wrong with Matt Damons work at all. In […]

Movie review : The Crazies

The Crazies Buy the soundtrack for The Crazies Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon [No Spoilers ] The Crazies is a good solid zombie flick but certainly not the best of the genre. There isn’t a lot of action to speak of so this doesn’t compare to something like Resident Evil. And I don’t recall […]

Movie review : Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Buy the soundtrack for Valentine’s Day Purchase at iTunes Amazon [ No spoilers ] First off the cast is great and huge. In the first 30 minutes of the movie there were at least 15 different scene cuts and it didn’t seem like we visited the same actor/actress twice. This movie is packed […]

Movie review : From Paris With Love

From Paris With Love Buy the soundtrack for From Paris With Love iTunes Purchase at Amazon [ No spoilers ] I was really looking forward to this movie. And while I’m not hugely disappointed I’m also not exactly thrilled with it either. I guess the good news is that it’s a decent movie because it […]