Because movie theaters don’t have pause buttons.

The RunPee mobile app is available on the following platforms:

Android Apple/iOS Windows7

At some point everyone has sat in a movie theater and had that debate with themselves: I need to pee. Should I go now? This looks like a good time to run to the restroom. But will I miss something important while I’m away? What Do I Do?

The RunPee app ends that internal debate. We go see all of the movies in wide release and pick what we think are the best times for you to run and pee. In addition we’ll let you know if there is anything extra after the end credits that you should stick around for.

The app even has a built in timer to help remind you when those peetimes are coming up. We try and make the app as user friendly as possible. We even made the background black to try and reduce the annoyance it might cause other people in the theater.

RunPee is a family run business. It’s just me – Dan – my Mother and Sister who go see all the movies. Plus, I’m the creator and developer so if you notice something that doesn’t work or have an idea to help make the app better then please let me know:

Live to serve,

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