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Netflix Serials Which Show Student’s Life

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Learning creates curiosity in students to discover more. They can discover and learn a lot by watching a series about students’ lives. They learn how to socialize better, be in relationships, and learn education skills. Since 2013, Netflix has produced more than 1,500 titles. They include TV shows and movies, with some having more than 50 episodes. A learner will not lack a large number of excellent series to watch and learn about college life. They contain different themes and lessons important to a student. Here are different Netflix series that show a student’s life.

Life of the Party

College brings together people from all types of backgrounds. One of them is a freshly divorced mother who has decided to join college. Her daughter joins the same college, and they bond strongly with her. At first, the daughter sees it as awkward having her mother in the same college. It becomes more awkward after she gets a boyfriend half her age. The movie contains diverse lessons about acceptance in college, relationships, and brokenness.

Movies and series are entertaining and contain many important life lessons for a student. Some of the series contains 20 or more episodes which take many hours to finish. When a series takes too many hours to complete, you can get late to complete writing your paper. It can be an essay, research paper, or dissertation. If you cannot complete in time, Edubirdie, professional dissertation writers, can be convenient. You have an opportunity to order essays or any other type of academic paper and get it delivered on time.

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Hayden Fox has had a long time dream of becoming a coach one day. His dream finally comes to pass when he’s appointed to coach the Orlando Breakers team. Hayden is divorced and is struggling to manage relationships. He wants to be a father to his daughter and to show affection to his newfound girlfriend. Amid challenging family backgrounds, a student can pursue their cause and succeed.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is one of the sci-fi movies with a lot of lessons about college life. Agent Coulson is leading a superhero team to conduct investigations. Unusual things have been happening in the superhero world, and there is a need to know their source. The series teaches students not to struggle to be good in everything. They should seek to see the good things in their colleagues. Relationships are not just about blood family, but about everyone in your inner circle.

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Never Have I Ever

Devi Vishwakumar is grieving the death of her father. While in college, she is lucky to fall in love with a good boy. She cannot break her virginity yet due to her Indian culture. She tries her best to make this happen, but it proves the most difficult thing to do. She now has to create a balance between her relationship and standing for her friends.

Candy Jar

A highly introverted girl joins high school but finds it difficult to relate with anyone. She is from an upper-class family, but she doesn’t seem to agree on anything. She is ambitious in her dreams and wants to find her identity. In the process of time, they are required to prepare for an upcoming state championship. Due to this, circumstances force them to work together. This is the time the girl and her team discover the opposite sexes do attract.

Bad Education

Alfie is a teacher at Abbey Grove School, but the headmistress considers him the worst. According to her, he is a bigger kid compared to his students. Nevertheless, they love him due to his queer character. One time while on a school trip, one kid spikes his drink. This causes a great commotion, and the trip has to come to an end. At another time, he asks his student to get a tattoo on him. The series is all about teacher-student relationships.

Sex education

Sex and relationships are something that affects large numbers of college students. Most of them are getting into such relationships for the first time. Unaware of how to go about it, they find themselves heartbroken and in messy situations. On realizing this need, Otis Milburn opens a secret sex clinic in school. He has learned a few skills from his mom, who is a sex therapist. He aims to teach his colleagues sex education. Later, he realizes he needs the education more than his colleagues.

Fresh Meat

Some six college freshers get late to register for their first semester. Nevertheless, they all get admitted but have to live off campus. The six Manchester Medlock University students struggle with so many things. They have challenges with relationships, academics, and finances.


When students join college, they struggle with so many things. It could be finding their identity, managing finances, time, relationships, etc. They may not learn most of these things from teachers or fellow students. Netflix contains a large number of series with themes about college life. If they watch these series, a student can learn different lessons useful in education. The series include bad education, sex education, coach, candy Jay, and many more.

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