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Movie review : Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

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Percy Jackson& the Olympians
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
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A very enjoyable flick! Kinda Harry Potter meets the X-Men. Fun, watchable, an A-.

Since this is the first installment in what I am expecting to be a new franchise, I am willing to give the plot a lot of leeway. So yes, the denouement is rather awful, but the build up more than compensates. And each step of the Pearl Gathering trials was so completely enjoyable I can’t decide which of the three parts I liked best. Medusa? The Hydra? Or the little detour in Las Vegas?

(I might have to pick Las Vegas. Although Uma Thurman did some wonderful scene chewing at “Auntie Em’s”).

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I’ll also give the young actors some time to settle into their roles. There was nothing egregious here, and I look forward to returning to a peek at how the Olympian Gods live within our own society.

One thing though: Hades? It’s not Hell. Writers, go back and read your mythology texts.

What did you think about Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

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8 responses to “Movie review : Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”

  1. I thought that The Lightning Thief was a very cool movie, although some parts were lacking in explination like how Percy gets on the ledge of the building during the fight scene with Luke they were well made up for with the casting of Logan Lerman and Jake Abel:)

  2. Agreed, Shelby. Overall very cool. We can ignore the sticky plot points (there were many) in favor of just kicking back and having a good, popcorn-y time.

  3. I took my 8 year old kid to this movie, and we had to leave 10 minutes in. The scene with the Fury (Kindly One) left the poor girl literally shaking! It’ too bad – and SHE’S the one that I usually need to refer to RunPee for. Tiniest bladder in the neighborhood.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Travel to SE Utah Beyond Monument Valley =-.

  4. Jen, that’s too bad about your little girl! Although she probably would not have liked the Minotaur scenes either. The Hydra stuff probably would have been ok…the Medusa set piece, though: creepy even for grown-ups.

    I thought that Fury was more like a Harpy, BTW.
    .-= Jill Florio´s last blog ..Movie review : The Runaways =-.

  5. I’d definately say it’s not a movie for the under 12 for sure (as Jennifer’s daughter can attest to). I made my brother LOL by telling him I thought the most unrealistic part of the movie was that there happen to be ALL those water towers in the same area right when they were needed. Enjoyed the movie quite alot! Managed to make it through w/o having to use the pee times. Then managed to trip and fall on a loose floor tile that was adjacent to a bunch of missing floor tiles in the ladies room and get a hairline fracture in my kneecap. I got four (we know it was entirely our fault but please don’t sue us) free movie tickets out of the deal. So I’ll be printing up more pee times in the future, after they get the blasted floor replaced.

  6. Yeah, i think younger teens are the target audience. I did enjoy the film and now I want to read the books.

    Sandra, you got a fracture? They were lucky to get out of that with only four free movie tickets!

  7. A minor fracture that the Dr’s don’t really do anything about. Yeah they are lucky I’m not the suing kind. I should at least get some free popcorn out of the deal now too. Hopefully the books are at least as good as the movie if not better Jill. I enjoyed the Vampire’s Assistant Movie so wanted to read the books – Big Mistake. DO NOT let your kids read the Cirque du Freak books, PLEASE. I managed to read them all but I had to work hard to read the last two, only because I wanted to know how the story ended. They are supposably young people’s books but the amount of violence and gore in them is appalling.

  8. Wow, good info to know. Thank you for sharing that.

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