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New Parent?- 10 Movies That Perfectly Capture the Ups and Downs of Parenthood

   Parenthood is a huge step in life, and it comes with much chaos, ups and downs. From learning how to change diapers to supporting your teenage child through the challenges of school, a parent never gets bored. There are plenty of movies that masterfully capture the experience of parenthood, whether it is through a […]

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10 Best Life-Changing Movies to Watch When You’re Feeling Depressed

When you’re feeling depressed, the best thing to do is to ride it out. Although the feelings and thoughts can be all-consuming, it’s best to remember that these feelings are temporary, they won’t last forever, and that there’s always going to be brighter days to come. Until then, however, you’ll want to take a deep […]


Frakking for Fun – 7 Science Fiction Curse Words to Learn and Use

Learn to curse like they do on TV! You can get away with a lot on family television and in real life if you use alien cusses to do your dirty work. Here’s our selection of fabulous F-bombs and shitty stand-ins, bolstered with other colorful language from science fiction television to make your day shiny. […]


It looks like Blockbusters are back on the menu!

It looks like blockbuster movies are all set to get back into the summertime groove, very soon. The season kicks off with A Quiet Place Part II, at the end of May and it seems like another blockbuster follows every few weeks. To say nothing of FOUR MCU movies before the year is out. (They have […]


Top Ginger Kitties – The 6 Orange Cats in Sci Fi and Fantasy Movie Franchises

What is it about cats who are orange — and the movies? Especially in major, iconic science fiction and fantasy film franchises? It must be a ginger thing. There are mild movie spoilers here. But these aren’t new films, so all should be right in the universe. Further disclaimer: no curiosity killed any cat in […]

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Times You Might Need To Leave The Cinema (Non-Bathroom Related)

We’re all used to preparing for a movie by emptying our bladders and making a note of the best times to run out if necessary. Bathroom breaks are certainly the most common occasions. However they are not the only ones. There are a number of other times you might need to leave the cinema that […]

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10 Movies Every Female Entrepreneur Should Watch

Movies are a great source of inspiration for many of us as we all love a good story. Since in the real world, women are still struggling to make their place in the business world, it is ecstatic to watch such stories where female entrepreneurs fight all those fights too and turn out to be […]


10 Movies About Authors That Will Inspire You To Write

There’s a reason good movies about authors aren’t common; while their creations can be an awe-inspiring journey into fantastical lands or a hard look into fictitious or non-fictitious pasts, the process itself lacks the excitement big screen productions need to succeed. The anger and frustration of producing written works is internalised and difficult to express, […]

5 Novel Based Movies Nominated For Oscars

Image Credits Powerful and meaningful literature has time and time again, shown just how impactful it is to woo audiences, bring them together, and leave a lasting impact on all of us. Words are powerful, even more powerful are the stories that they narrate, and the most powerful are the insights and emotions they bring […]


Get Paid $1000 to Binge-Watch All 24 James Bond Movies before Tomorrow Never Dies

Love 007? Got the stamina for 24 Bond movies all in a row? If you know your Connery through Craig, you can let everyone know it and get yourself some serious superspy cash. Here’s what you need to know: To celebrate the release of the 25th (official) James Bond film, No Time to Die, Nerd Bear […]

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