The Cast of Voices for Arctic Justice

The cast of voices in Arctic Justice. Photos and characters appear on top, while their actor information is listed below:

James Franco

Nominated for Best Actor Oscar for 127 Hours

Jeremy Renner

Nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for Hurt Locker

Alec Baldwin

Best known for the television sitcom 30 Rock

Laurie Holden

Played Andrea in the top rated television drama The Walking Dead for two seasons

John Cleese

Otto Von Walrus
Best known for Monty Python and A Fish Called Wanda

Omar Sy

Known for Jurassic World, The Untouchables, X-Men: Days of Future Past

Heidi Klum

Jade / Bertha
Best known for creating and hosting Project Runway for 17 seasons, and currently is a judge on America’s Got Talent

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One Reply to “The Cast of Voices for Arctic Justice”

  1. We’re a little confused here at RunPee. This film was supposed to come out last week. Now the IMDb is saying it will be shown NEXT winter, in November.

    Okaaaay? I think the Oscars season manages to reschedule minor movies around this time of year, as people are busy catching up with seeing the nommed films they missed in their first go-around.

    That’s my guess at least.

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