Movie Review – Molly’s Game

80% from Rotten Tomatoes says it all. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, ‘I’d really like to learn to play poker, but there’s no one to teach me’…then just watch this movie: it’s a two hour tutorial on how to play, and how not to try earning a living from this volatile game.

I’ve been a fan of Aaron Sorkin since West Wing, which may have clouded my judgment on what to expect from his directorial debut. I expected the trademark quick wit and biting dialog we saw in West Wing and The Newsroom, but was let down just a bit. The movie didn’t quite play out that way, but was still an awesome film.

The acting was great, especially Jessica Chastaine, but the role that really caught my attention was that of Michael Cera, as Player X. He has come a long way since Juno, where we saw him as a nerdy expectant father. I’d love for him to get at least a nod from the powers that be during the upcoming awards season.

Molly’s Game is a great movie, and even though I don’t know a thing about poker, that story line was secondary to the story of a courageous woman trying to make a life for herself after bombing out in the Olympics.

Movie Grade – A-