Where is the house used in the filming of Knives Out?

Knives Out - interior scene - libraryThe interior scenes of the library, and other first floor scenes, were filmed on location at the Ames Family historic mansion in Borderland State Park, Easton, Massachusetts.  The three-story, 20-room stone mansion was constructed in 1910, largely at the direction of Blanche Ames.  Interior scenes in the upstairs rooms were filmed on stage.

The exterior shots were shot at an undisclosed location.

Knives Out - interior location at Borderland State Park
If you’ve seen Knives Out you can tell that this is obviously not the location used for the exterior shots of the mansion. This mansion at Borderland State Park, Massachusetts  was only used for the interior shots filmed downstairs. Upstairs scenes were filmed on set.

Clearly, the owners of the mansion used for the exterior shots want to protect their privacy. Considering the politically subversive message in Knives Out this is completely understanding given the current political climate.

Knives Out - exterior scene
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