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If you have any issues with the iPhone/iPad app just let me know and I’ll look into it right away. Please be as detailed as you can about any bugs and how to reproduce them.

Please feel free to suggest improvements and new features. Most of the features in the app came from ideas that users like yourself suggested.

Please email me:

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  1. Hi. I’ve always loved the runpee website so thought I’d give the app a go. I think I must be missing something though because the vibration timer doesn’t work when the phone is locked which of course it does after a time. I would like to be able to rely on the timer when I’ve got the phone on silent (as you should at the movies!) and in lock mode.

    1. Hi Louise. Yes, the vibration should now work when your phone is locked. It’s pretty easy to test. Just go to the Timer Help screen, from the bottom of the Timer screen, and test it out. There’s a button that will ask the phone to vibrate after a 5 second delay, giving you time to lock your phone.

      1. Hi 🙂 thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I’ve tested that now and it is working when locked but not when the phone is on silent, so if I got a call of anything then that would be a problem. Is there any way of using it with the phone on silent? If not at the moment then that would be a great enhancement for the next release. Louise. 🙂

  2. I’ve just realised I didn’t have the ‘vibrate on silent’ option selected in my iOS settings. Doh! 😉 Thanks, Dan. Keep up the good work! Louise.

  3. Why do I have ads? I laid for this app. A full screen pop up ad is ridiculous, especially one I have to click through twice!

    1. Hi Matthew. I would love it if VoiceOver would work, but it’s unlikely because the RunPee app is built using Adobe AIR. There’s no way for me to enable that since it’s not a native iOS application. Sorry about that.

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