Can you think of something that could improve the experience? We have both the website PeeTimes and the mobile iPhone app and are always looking to improve how we get and share PeeTimes.

Please let me know your ideas in the comments section below. So far we have over 150 comments in this thread and I have read them all!

The list below contain items that I currently have on my RunPee ToDo list:

  • Make Facebook app for RunPee
  • Completed: Create an iPhones version
  • Create version for Blackberry phones
  • Create version for Android phones
  • Create version for Windows Mobile phones
  • Create version for ALL mobile phones
  • Internationalize the website and mobile apps
  • Create local versions of RunPee for other countries like India, China, Japan, France, Germany, etc.
  • Widget – create a widget that can embed RunPee content in the sidebar of a blog
  • Completed: Print – create a view where all of the PeeTimes for a movie are listed in a printable format
  • Vote for a PeeTime – thanks to many people for suggesting this one. I’ll add the ability to vote or rank PeeTimes for a movie. Probably just something like a thumbs-up/down.
  • Spell check for PeeTime submission
  • Ability for the user who submits a PeeTime to be able to edit it
  • Bug : Fixed order the PeeTimes listed on the print version chronologically
  • Once the unscramble button is clicked make it turn into an instant unscramble button so that readers don’t have to wait for it

Want to Know What People are Saying about RunPee?

We have a thread started of people (we’ll call them Pee-ons) who’ve used our PeeTimes and commented on it – RanPeed! And our FaceBook RunPee page is a great way to leave your experiences for other users, and stay on top of our latest movie break updates – RunPee Fan Page on FaceBook.

Plus we’re working on a screen capture of the huge Twitter response to RunPee that is an amazing testament to the usefulness of our website. Or to people’s small bladders. Or to large Cokes. We’re not entirely certain, but everyone REALLY seems to love RunPee!

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