Your Suggestions

Can you think of something that could improve the experience? We have both the website PeeTimes and the mobile iPhone app and are always looking to improve how we get and share PeeTimes.

Please let me know your ideas in the comments section below. So far we have over 150 comments in this thread and I have read them all!

The list below contain items that I currently have on my RunPee ToDo list:

  • Make Facebook app for RunPee
  • Completed: Create an iPhones version
  • Create version for Blackberry phones
  • Create version for Android phones
  • Create version for Windows Mobile phones
  • Create version for ALL mobile phones
  • Internationalize the website and mobile apps
  • Create local versions of RunPee for other countries like India, China, Japan, France, Germany, etc.
  • Widget – create a widget that can embed RunPee content in the sidebar of a blog
  • Completed: Print – create a view where all of the PeeTimes for a movie are listed in a printable format
  • Vote for a PeeTime – thanks to many people for suggesting this one. I’ll add the ability to vote or rank PeeTimes for a movie. Probably just something like a thumbs-up/down.
  • Spell check for PeeTime submission
  • Ability for the user who submits a PeeTime to be able to edit it
  • Bug : Fixed order the PeeTimes listed on the print version chronologically
  • Once the unscramble button is clicked make it turn into an instant unscramble button so that readers don’t have to wait for it

Want to Know What People are Saying about RunPee?

We have a thread started of people (we’ll call them Pee-ons) who’ve used our PeeTimes and commented on it – RanPeed! And our FaceBook RunPee page is a great way to leave your experiences for other users, and stay on top of our latest movie break updates – RunPee Fan Page on FaceBook.

Plus we’re working on a screen capture of the huge Twitter response to RunPee that is an amazing testament to the usefulness of our website. Or to people’s small bladders. Or to large Cokes. We’re not entirely certain, but everyone REALLY seems to love RunPee!

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208 Replies to “Your Suggestions”

  1. Awesome site, but why did you do it in all flash? I suggest you re-do it in HTML so that it can be used from a phone (you know, like when at the movie theatre)

  2. @dsims, I’m happy that you like the site. Thanks.

    As to why it’s all Flash and not HTML: well, I have a saying, “Go with what you know.” Since I’m a Flash Platform Developer I build everything in Flash – this is actually a Flex application. I had never before created a data driven app when I started RunPee. So it was an experiment and hopefully will end up being a useful application for people. In my eyes it is a success because I learned so much from creating it.

  3. @dsims, BTW, that’s a great idea about making a version that would work on a phone. If RunPee becomes successful – meaning worth the effort – I plan to create an API so that others can make apps for RunPee.

  4. Great site! It might be convenient to be able print out a page that lists the times and descriptions for you. Then if you need it you’ll have it with you.

  5. I also concur with the “viewable from phone” suggestion. I actually thought it was designed to fit on the phone’s screen until I clicked further. This would be a great iPhone app/webpage!

  6. Here’s what I posted on reddit in the thread about it, since some people were complaining that a) flash doesn’t work in phone browsers, and b) if it did, a bunch of dicks would be looking at their phone in the movie theater:

    “What it should do to avoid people browsing the internet for this during a movie is set up a texting system where you punch in the movie start time and which break you want (so if it starts at 6:30 and the first break is 50 minutes in, it will tell you to check your watch for 7:20), and it will text you:

    Pee break time: approx 7:20

    Cue: so and so will say blah blah blah

    What you missed: etc

    As long as you take note of the time or cue, you won’t have to look at your phone at all inside the theater and then can read the text explaining what you missed while you’re outside/in the bathroom.

    This would also be useful for knowing when you can go refill your drink or popcorn, and for smokers.”

  7. @Tay, excellent suggestion. I’ve considered this as well and one problem that comes up is what to do about previews and the commercials before a film starts. One thought would be to have something like a stopwatch app that people could start when the film starts. Or possibly we could just estimate that previews run about 10-15 minutes for every movie and compensate. The actual PeeTime itself is an estimate anyway. So there is a lot of room for error.

    You know what would be a real home run? Actually being able to view the scene that you’re missing on the cellphone while you’re doing your business. Maybe, someday if is hugely successful I can partner with some of the movie companies to get that footage . . . probably not. But one can dream. 🙂

  8. I think an estimate is good enough for most people. If you account for 10-15 minutes of previews and the pee break itself is approximate anyway, you can say ‘Start listening/watching for the cue around: 7:30 – 7:40’. That should be adequate enough for most people.

  9. Great idea, and please don’t take offense, but this has exactly zero value without an iPhone-compatible interface. Who in their right mind would plan ahead and use this at their computer rather than just planning ahead by using the bathroom before going to the movie? HOW would you even use this, as a Flash app? I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I’m not going to memorize the info. I’m not going to laboriously copy it down on a piece of paper, because I live in the 21st century. It doesn’t even print correctly, assuming I wanted to carry a dossier full of peeing opportunities with me to the movies — the right 1/3 gets chopped off, and my browser can’t reformat it for the printout since it’s a Flash app.

    It’s one thing to say “I’m a Flash developer”, and it’s another to say, “I’m not going to make a useful application from my idea because it would require learning some new skills.” Maybe that should be a warning sign about the wisdom of being exclusively a Flash developer.

    If you do get around to making it JS/HTML so it’s actually useful (and I think it would be — according to the U.S. HHS Dept., approx 13 million Americans have an overactive bladder, and millions more are forgetful enough to run out to a movie at the last minute without using the bathroom first), it might be worthwhile to add different colored buttons for mindless action scenes that don’t advance the plot, and for boring dialogue scenes. Different people feel like missing different kinds of scenes.

  10. @dreish, thanks for the feedback. I think you’re right, there’s no point in making an iPhone app out of this. It wouldn’t exactly advance the plot. What I need is a basic HTML version of the site that can be rendered by most any cell phone browser. I’d just put the very basic features of browse the movies and view the PeeTimes. I don’t think it would need anything else. I expect that it’s main usage would be for people who get to the theater and say, “Crap, I forgot to go check before I left the house.”

    There will be a print button coming soon. Something that just pops the data into a printable window should work. That’s pretty easy to do.

    As for being exclusively a Flash Platform developer: I chose this path because I think HTML/Javascript suck. I did it for years and was constantly frustrated by browser incompatibilities and bugs. The Flash platform offers the ability to really create expressive interfaces. While there are certainly limits to what you can do with Flash I find that my skills and knowledge of the platform are often the biggest limitations – not the Flash player. was my first ‘Flex application’. I was just getting into the Flex framework and I wanted a project that would challenge me to grow my skills. I’d been kicking this idea around for a while and thought it was time to make it.

    That’s a good idea about differentiating between boring dialog scenes and action scenes. I thought about adding that but I’m not sure it’s a good idea. It may be but that’s a trap that many websites fall into: building in every idea they can think of. There are many other features that can be added to RunPee but I’ll wait until there are lots of users and get their feedback. So stay tuned. 🙂

  11. Need to be able to rate or vote up/down the runpees, or even report abuse or something. The one for Monsters vs. Aliens looks like it might be a joke. It’s poorly written enough that I’m not sure whether they are actually telling me there’s no runpee point, or there is at 60 minutes in, or they’re just clueless.

  12. I have to agree and add my vote for making the site mobile-accessible..

    “Who in their right mind would plan ahead and use this at their computer rather than just planning ahead by using the bathroom before going to the movie?”

    TRUE: much better to have it for the impromptu movie or for when you’re doing a “sneak”, as I do on occasion – and see more than one movie at once. Sometimes when you’re walking out of that one theater – there’s another good movie just starting and no time to pee in between (or you don’t have to go just yet…).

    I don’t think using it IN the theater is that big of an issue. People who are going to use their phones are going to be idiots and do it whether they have an app like this or not. Sad and rude of them, but true.

  13. @L-5
    ALSO – I just found out about the site from Thrillist: Los Angeles and so I would think you can expect a lot more traffic and a lot more disappointed people if the site doesn’t go mobile soon, if all those readers come to the site and expect it to be useful…

  14. I love this idea. Your title graphic is spanky, too. Not that you need to get the word out anymore, but I linked to it in a recent post (

    My one suggestion is that no matter the movie, the peetime and synopsis should always be helpful. Example: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past says at 1 hour to leave and just not return, or better yet, don’t buy a ticket at all. You could leave the witty remarks, but there will always be someone who will like the movie. No need to alienate a user from the site because the content isn’t helpful.

  15. @ClarkW
    I totally agreed. Tonight I’m working on adding a feature to let people ‘vote off’ a PeeTime. Once a PeeTime gets three strikes against it it will be deleted. The problem is inherent with wikis in that some people will abuse their privileges.

    I’m also going to add a ‘movie comments’ where users can talk about the movie. That’s going to take a lot more work so I have no idea when it will be available.

  16. @L-5
    Sounds like I better get cracking on the mobile version. Honestly, that’s going to take some time. But it will happen eventually. I’m already talking to some people who want to work on that feature. So stay tuned.

  17. @Reel Whore
    I should have listened to my wife. She told me that people would be leaving lots of ‘this movie is stupid and you should just leave’ sorts of PeeTimes. I guess I had more faith in the public. Stupid me! 🙂

    I hope that my ‘vote PeeTime off the island’ feature will help solve this problem. I’m working on that right now.

  18. Mr. Florio,

    I work with a newspaper and was hoping I could speak with you for a few minutes about a story we might work on.

    Would you mind shooting me an e-mail so I can give a little more information?

    Thanks in advance,
    David Biderman

  19. Hey polyGeek – cool idea, spiffy implementation. Love your response to people who want a different implementation: “Yeah I’ll write an API, then you can go build it yourself if you don’t like my development platform of choice!” Right on. 🙂

  20. Hi, love the idea but could do with a search box on the front page so you can search for the movie you are interested in – that way it could include older ones too, so if you are at a friends watching a movie you can make use of this too.

    1. That’s a good idea. I think that’s something that I can add to the current incarnation of the site. Instead of making it searchable I can display all of the entries in a datagrid that will expand to cover most of the screen. It would be sort of like an administrators view of the movies in the database. And a data grid can be sorted by release date, alphabetically, etc. Hopefully that will do it for you.

      Later on, probably in the next version, I’ll add a text search.

      When adding movies to the database I only add those that are in expanded release. There are a lot of limited release movies that I don’t add. If RunPee becomes very successful I can make another version of it that is just for limited release films.

      Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a good one. Keep’em coming!

  21. Hello,

    Kaly from is here. As you may have noticed we have just reviewed your application.

    Please check out our review and feel free to comment in case we missed something. We would appreciate if you give it a boost by ‘Stumbling’, ‘Digging’ or ‘ReTweeting’ the post using the buttons at the bottom of the article.

    We might also feature it in upcoming “Cool Websites and Tools” daily post series that will be published on the homepage and delivered to over 70.000 subscribers.

    If you want to let your site visitors know about the review, please use the link below.

    Best regards,

  22. @Dee Ann
    I add the movies manually to the database. I just go down the ‘Coming Soon’ list at and add all of the movies except the ones that are in limited release. I was thinking that I might start adding all of the movies – even limited – and then create a filter that hides them from the navigation unless you select ‘view limited releases’.

    I keep them out because there are a lot of limited releases and they would make it harder to find the more popular films.

    Can you think of any other ways to add limited films without confusing the navigation?

    And what movie do you want me to add. I’ll look into it.

  23. Hi. I’m not sure why, but the liquid pee graphic is interfering with viewing the site. Otherwise I find this site interesting – it’s just that trying to read the list on the left (especially after clicking the “older” button a few times) is basically impossible. Other than that – great idea! Love it.

    1. @Karen, I’m glad you like the site. The liquid in the left nav shouldn’t be a problem unless something goes wrong with getting data from the database. In that case it sort of gets hung up. So I don’t think it’s the graphic but the connection with the site. But I’ll look into it. Certainly the next version or RunPee will be much different and won’t have that liquid effect – that I spent a lot of time on.

  24. Before a mobile app or anything happens, this site needs better content. Some of the runpee times seems like they were just logged because the person happened to remember the time of that event in the movie. I only read like two that had actual true runpee times logged, as in “cute dialog here, but nothing plot specific” moments. A lot just had the vibe of “I’ll tell you what happens here so you can go runpee.” And all the other were “just go pee fifteen minutes in. stupid waynes brother movie. don’t waste your life bleh chuckle ha ha blah.” Of course a Wayne’s Bros movie is stupid. I believe everyone is aware of that before they go see the movie. But this is not a review site. This site serves one purpose – to give people accurate runpee times, REGARDLESS of the runpee loggers opinion of the movie, so viewers do not miss crucial plot moments. I just think the content is junk, and needs to be addressed. Reaching out and having actual movie reviewers from other web sites give you runpee times would probably be better than letting the general public do it, especially if your want your project to be credible.

    1. @Mollie, I totally agree. You have no idea how much it annoys me to see people reviewing movies just like you mentioned. I even added the, “This isn’t for movie reviews” but some people just don’t pay attention or more likely they just ignore warning. One feature that I’m thinking about is to let registered users ‘vote off’ a PeeTime. Once a PeeTime got three strikes it would be deleted. I think general users could keep up with it faster than I could. Of course I go in as often as I can and remove them manually from the database. So yes, something has to be done about that.

      And that’s a great suggestion about movie reviewers. If you know any then send them my way. I have contacted many reviewers in the past few months but none were interested. I even give them the ability to link back to their movie reviews. But still no interest. Perhaps now that RunPee has gotten some publicity I’ll get some movie reviewers on board.

      In the meantime please don’t let the wankers win. Keep coming back. We’ll get the content issue sorted out eventually.

  25. The basic HTML version would be nice to have in a full version along with a mobile version. The homepage of your site is flickering like crazy for me in Firefox to the point where I can’t read most of the text. Also, the massive amount of flash content is requring 90% of my system CPU on a fairly new machine.

    I can’t highlight any of the text on the site nor can I middle-click links to open them in new tabs. I hate to say it but in this case, it feels like the Flash on this site is getting in the way of the content and hijacking the user experience.

    I do like the animated logo. Maybe you could convert everything to raw XML/HTML and leave things like the logo in Flash? Good luck!

    1. @t h, I can’t imagine why the page would be flickering. Something odd going on there. No one else has mention that and I use FireFox on XP as my primary browser. I’ll do another CPU usage check but optimizing might not be possible until version 2. The middle click issue is just something that we have to put up with in Flash. Wish it weren’t so. But the site will remain Flash because I’m a Flash developer. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do this in HTML nor would I want to. There will however be a simple HTML version or mobile devices soon – as soon as I can get it done.

  26. Could you have a button for “fast text”? I’d like to read the text that’s being unscrambled, but it’s soooo slow (and apparently deliberately so; I can’t imagine how the one word at a time thing could happen accidentally). I tried clicking “click to unscramble” again to see if it would insta-unscramble, but it just started over. On the Star Trek page, for example, it takes 17-18 seconds to unscramble text that’s easily read in 3 seconds or less.

    1. @Randall, thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I think something like that is the way to go. A lot of people like the scrambled text but a few want it to just descramble all at once. I like your idea that once you click to descramble the text the button becomes a ‘descramble instantly’ button. I’ll impliment that, or something like that.

  27. This site is amazingly genius. You guys are going to be HUGE by this time next year, I can pretty much guarantee that. Just stay loyal to your fans and don’t sell out. Selling out can lead to more money but it will also piss off your fans and will cut the life of your site.

    1. @AverageJoe, The good news is that there is no board of directors or angel investors to appease. It’s just me and as long as my evil twin stays locked up there won’t be any selling out. All I want is to be able to make a few bucks off this site so that I don’t have to do so much freelance work. That way I’ll be able to work on the site and my other ideas. (Note: RunPee isn’t the best idea I have. It was just the easiest one to work on first. )

      I think the worst thing you have to worry about is maybe a few, taistful, ads. Or what I would really like to have is a movie previews video app that runs below the RunPee app. Hopefully something will come up.

      Oh, and talking about keeping it real: I slept on the floor in my mother’s office last night – so that I could be near the NPR studios this morning. That real enough for you?

  28. I suggest you use a system whereby people can search for the movie they’re looking for, rather than having it so they have to go through pages and pages of movies to find the one they want.

    Shouldn’t be too hard using mysql and a bit of php 😀

    1. @Gavax, Agreed. I think the quickest solution is to provide a popout navigation in a datagrid. That way people can see the entire list at once and be able to sort. Later on I’ll add the search feature.

  29. I tried to get on your site after the NPR story this afternoon, but it was unavailable. Did your server crash?

    How about a short ‘web cast’ that would download to your ipod. It would have a short cometary with the ‘pee’ times and short dialog clips to give clues to when to ‘get up and go’. You could get the URL “”. (May sound like a joke but I’m serious)

    1. @Astronerd, Yeah, the server got hit pretty hard. I called the host and he said, “Hummm, the CPU usage isn’t very high but . . . wow. You have over one hundred simultaneous connections here. That’s a lot.” So we restarted the services and it seemed to chug along pretty well after that spike.

      I really like that idea of a weekly podcast. I’ll keep that in mind. Right now I’m busy working to get an iPhone/mobile version ready and adding enhancements to the site. Give me a month or so and I’m sure the madness will die down and I’ll start working on that.

  30. iPhone app? You don’t need to learn anything new. There are literally millions of iPhone user out there. Get a short term loan, contract a couple of apple oriented programmers, sell your iPhone app for 99 cents and become a millionaire. Do you really need more motivation? Is it a matter of pride? Hay that’s cool, it’s great being master and commander. But if you aren’t the first to get into the iPhone market, Mobi Dick will bite you. Keep up the good work, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

    1. @Bill, millions? Really? You think? Yes, I’m in talks with people. Some today. Some tomorrow. And more the next day.

      You’re comment reminds me of one of the great movie quotes: I’m aware that you are going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites you on the ASS!

  31. I hope this idea works for you as a promotional platform for your programming skills, but did you ever take a step back and think: here I am, developing a social networking application that tells people when to take a piss? Seriously. Surely this thing has a ceiling of practicality: the more popular it gets, the less the cinema restrooms will be able to deal with the spikes in demand at ‘PeeTime’, thus defeating the purpose. Maybe you could go ahead and bolt a booking system onto the user registration.

  32. Just got here via StumbleUpon, so expect more visitors. Learn how to make it into an iPhone app, ask for $1 in the App Store, profit. Before someone beats you to it.

  33. Someone may have already addressed this, but. . .
    I would like to be able to “second” or “agree with” a pee time. vote for it as a goody, yar.

    1. @The Skin Balloon, yes, here in the RunPee offices – my mothers spare room – we’ve been kicking that idea around. I think that would be very useful. Give me a few weeks because there are so many other things to do but you’ll see it soon.

  34. oh–also, maybe a link to scripts/plots of the movies, to help you remember where the good pee times were? I guess you’d need to know what time, as well. (I LOVE this site. Going to test out my first pee time tomorrow with Terminator.)

    1. @The Skin Balloon, hummmm, that could be tough finding scripts and all but I’ll think about it.

      So glad you’re going to see Terminator. Don’t forget that you can clone the PeeTime that was started by polychonopolis.

  35. Hi- I am co-host of a midwestern syndicated talk show called “Walking on Air with Betsy and Sal.” Each week we review a movie AND we are middle-aged gals who find the need to “runpee” with shocking frequency. Any chance we can book a phone interview with you to play on our radio show? This topic is perfect for us! Please send an email. We’re hoping to chat with you ASAP.

  36. Any chance of an API? Allowing sites like mine to place the top-level runpee info on our pages, while attribution and links back to runpee?

    1. @G, I’m working on it. Give me a week or two. So much going on right now. I’d suggest following @RunPee on Twitter or getting the RSS feed to keep up with the news.

  37. Very cool.

    2 suggestions:
    A) Be sure to highlight the Anti-RunPee times, when kirk ended up on the ice planet, that’s when I went and it was a bad time to go.
    B) The Flash is nice, but I’d be just as happy with a text-listing. The flash only shows one event at a time. I need to print it out to take with…

    1. @Gary, Ahhh, you missed it. There’s a print button right over there in the right-nav. I need to add a print icon to it so that it’s more recognizable.

      And yes, I’m going to make it so that the ANTI-PeeTimes have a red background, eventually.

  38. hey just wanted to let you know that in your summary of ‘Terminator, the’ in the ‘classic movies’ category keeps mentioning the character ‘John’ when it is really ‘Kyle Reese’ not John. John is the supposed future son of Kyle in the plot of the films. Sorry to be a fanboy douche here but just thought you should know to up the cred of your site for us filmbuffs….cool site though

  39. I’m using Explorer version 8.0.6001.18702 and there are no scroll bars on the bottom and side of my screen. I can’t see the whole thing. Can this be fixed? Thanks.

  40. Excellent website, but it definitely requires a preview section, and more time than just 5 minutes. The preview section is useful as I made an entry (my first, yay) and it looked messy. And a spellcheck, or a method to EDIT entries as I have a typo in mine (my second entry, I know, I suck). But I love this site!

    1. @Darthoz, Spell check is a must. I agree. And I want to give the user who submitted an entry the ability to edit it. Good suggestions. Now to find time.

    1. @Mathew, I’ll add a search feature of sorts, probably today. I think the reason that the times for some shows are off is that if a film doesn’t have a runtime listed then I just put 120 minutes and try to update it later. Since no one was really using the site I wasn’t very prompt about fixing some of the runtimes. I’ll be sure to make them accurate for current releases going forward now that people are using the site.

  41. While I’m at it, can we submit earlier than 30 minutes? The one I want to submit for Drag Me To Hell (I’m in the UK, it opened yesterday) comes approximately 5 minutes into the movie.

    1. @Mathew, I don’t think there is any point in going RunPee just 5 minutes into the show. I usually look for scenes starting at about 45 minutes in. It seems like the middle third of a movie is the best time to RunPee. That way you are good to go through the end of the film.

  42. Hi,

    My name is Alex Davies, and I’m a journalist with Wireless FlashNews (, a California-based pop culture/entertainment news wire that provides content to hundreds of media outlets worldwide in television, radio, print, and for the web. I was hoping to speak to someone about for a story. If anyone is available for a 10 minute phone interview, please email me at the email provided to set up a time.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  43. Mabey you should try to add more childrens movies for every mom who is there with their kid and just can’t hold it.

    1. @SurfingCA, I pretty much add all of the films that are in wide release. Like UP will be in there starting tomorrow. Can you tell me which movies I’m missing and I’ll look into adding them.

  44. There is no hint, anywhere on the home page, what runpee is. If you don’t already know what the site is about, there’s no way to find out!

    1. @Daniel, Thanks, I just realized that myself a few days ago. I should probably address that. It’s been kinda hectic here at RunPeeCentral – mom’s spare room. There are videos on the way that talk about RunPee.

  45. @J D
    Consdiering he started it as a research project in relation to learning flash/etc.. Youd be the moron for calling him a moron for making a page that was designed to learn more about flash.

  46. I can’t figure this out, but is there a way to publish pee times for movies other than the ones that are in the list on the site? I watch a lot of movies on DVD, so I have a lot of pee times for stuff not in theaters right now.

    1. @jcomeau, I hate to break it to you but DVDs have a pause button. 🙂 Sorry, I couldn’t resist. It’s funny because my sister offered to write RunPeeTimes for all the movies she had on DVD. When I reminded her about the pause button she said, “Oh, right”. I thought it was pretty funny.

      But to answer your question: no one can add movies but me. I actually do it manually by inserting data directly into the database. Maybe someday I’ll automate that process.

      But let me say a HUGE thanks for the offer to add those RunPeeTimes. Hopefully there will be a few people out there who are interested enough in this that they’ll make the effort to help make this site useful.

      Okay, it’s really late. I’m very tired and I’m rambling. sleeeep now.

  47. Hey, it’s me again. Just added 2 for “Drag Me to Hell”.

    I’ve noticed two trolling submissions:
    Up – The end of the film. (Bah!)
    Night at the Museum 2 – Go home and watch a film. You’ll see all the funny parts in the ads. (The gist of it, anyway)

    On Dance Flick, there’s a vague suggestion, not sure if that’s trolling, though.

    Three glitches, I’ve noticed:
    – The ‘pee veil’ (as I like to call it) gets stuck sometimes.
    – The scrambler can glitch up on occasion and not scramble.
    – When cloning a pee time, the RunPee time always rests to 1 minute.

    1. @Mathew, Thanks for adding RunPeeTimes for ‘Drag me to Hell’. What did you think of the film?

      And thanks for letting me know about the garbage RunPeeTimes. I cleaned them up. I really need to find the time to add some moderation features to adding the RunPeeTimes so that I can cut back on that. And HUGE thanks for helping add to the bug list. I’ll get on those. The first two might be hard to fix if I can’t reproduce but I do plan on changing the way the ‘pee veil’ works anyway.

  48. Haha, that makes sense, of course. I didn’t know if you were going to do older movies since you had the “classics” section.

  49. Kudos to you! You’ve created a unique site that is fun AND practical. The criticisms I have read are rabidly vapid – either technical/system issues that you are already aware of and will address IN TIME, or blatantly non-constructive (i.e., this site is stupid; if everyone takes the advice it will cease to be useful; eww – a bodily function!). Enjoy the praise, ignore the ignoramuses, and don’t work or stress yourself to death. BTW, I have stumbled across several typos and other minor errors that I wish I could quickly correct (for you). It is impractical and unwise to allow users to freely edit your content, but – such errors do impact a site’s integrity. IMHO, of course. Let me know if there is any way I could be of assistance with that particular component of your site. *two thumbs up*

  50. @Dr. Lois
    “Classic movies cannot be cloned.”
    I understand your reasoning – you can’t rely on multiple views/updates to “fix” the page because it is not a current release.
    So, under “Die Hard” the names are “McClane” and “Gruber”.
    (Yes, I am a nit-picky editor. Who loves movies. And wants your site to get the respect it deserves. There are other typo-snobs like me out there. Really.)

    1. @Dr. Lois, I think that eventually the site content will be maintained by just a handful of people. The wiki idea is great but if the site is profitable then I can certainly make the effort to do the RunPeeTimes myself or have ‘professionals’ – movie reviewers – handle it. Presumably they will be able to spell better than I.

      In fact I did actually make an effort to leave some typos in the content. Since I originally expected that it would be the public who did most of the RunPeeTimes I didn’t want to frighten people away by making them think that everything had to be perfect. If they saw errors here and there then they wouldn’t feel as consciousness about adding content.

      However, I did make the corrections, as you suggested, to the ‘Die Hard’ RunPeeTimes. Die Hard is so great that it deserves nothing less. 🙂

      Thanks for your comments and support.

  51. @polyGeek
    Hmmmm…..intentional errors….hmmmmm……either a clever excuse or a really clever way of presenting the site as amateur, emergent, and inclusive. Newbies will be more likely to contribute to what they perceive to be a safe non-critical, non-judgmental forum for innovation and social networking.

    Well, okay. But can we kick them out later?

    Just kidding.

    I guess I should stop pointing out all your typos though….


    Dr. Lois

  52. You should make the ‘P’ sprout legs and run instead of the ‘N’ bewcause it’s run ‘P’ afterall.

    1. @Bryan, well, I could see that. I’m not much of an animator. That’s the only thing I didn’t create on the site. I paid a friend to do the animation.

  53. Now that I can see 50 in the rear view mirror, I pinch my nether region in anticipation of an IPhone viewable solution, be it an app or HTML.

    RunPee for concerts would be great. Like RunPee after ACDC plays Thunderstruck because the next song is Black Ice. Variation in set lists may be hard to keep up with, though.

    1. @ACK, I’m hopeful that the iPhone version will be rolling out in about 2 weeks. But a lot depends on Apple and their review process. Fingers crossed.

      You know, I thought of the same thing for concerts. Maybe you’ll see a pretty soon!

  54. Wanted to send this to you direclty rather than to the forum but couldn’t find an address. Feel free to keep to yourself if you think there’s value to it…

    Been thinking about the concerts “problem”. Concerts don’t really fit the movie model with times, etc. A simpler solution may be something like having a seperate page for each major tour and allowing users to add lines as in the following:

    Date RunPee after they play because
    6/2/09 highway to hell next song is Twist and Shout cover
    6/4/09 Thunderstruck 5 minute band intro then play Black Ice

    Should be relativly easy to implement and would keep up with set list changes.

  55. Are you having technical difficulties? Clicking on the movie buttons does absolutely nothing in Safari or Firefox except spin a watch for a while. No create buttons, no movie info, nothing.

    1. @Sean, it’s working for me now – hours later. It’s tough to tell. Sometimes a spike in traffic can leave the site unresponsive. I’m on XP with FF and it works fine. No one has complained with Mac on FF or Safari so I assume it works fine.

  56. New slogan:
    “Hello? Yes, I’d like to schedule a pee during the next movie, and I was wondering if you could suggest the best time. Yes, I’ll hold.”

  57. Saw a great quote for you on my Google home page:
    The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.
    – Alfred Hitchcock

  58. I have a great idea… I think? How about providing pee times for older movies, like Rocky, The Departed, ET, and others. If a movie gets the most suggestions for a particular pee time, then that pee time becomes the ultimate pee time. If someone comes up with several pee times that make the list of ultimate pee times, then perhaps they can be rated the Pee Pee King or Pee Pee Queen. These Pee Pee Kings and Pee Pee Queens can then have star ratings for their Run Pee times for new movies as they might provide the best times to run pee for current movies. Good? No Good? I hope you like this idea :))) Of course, I think its great!

    1. @Panbooks, I do have PeeTimes for a few old movies. They are there to serve as examples from iconic movies. I don’t think there would be enough people contributing the PeeTimes for old movies to really make it much of a worthwhile venture. But then again I never really expected that this many people would use either. So what do I know?

      As for PeeTimes: I’m doing almost all of them. My mother is helping out as much as she can as well. So while the site will remain a wiki it will take a very good and detailed submission to ever be displayed. That’s mainly because it’s very difficult to do properly and takes away from the enjoyment of watching a movie.

  59. I could REALLY do without all the overkill animation on this site, especially the unscrambling bit. Sure, that’s clever, but it is a huge waste of reader time.

    1. @Efram, boy are you in the minority there. Lots of people have commented that they love the unscramble button so that they don’t accidentally read something they don’t want to. What I do plan on doing is making it so that if you click the unscramble button twice it will instantly display the unscrambled text. Does that work for you?

  60. The print runpeetimes is a way to get around the tedious unscrambling, but the items are not listed in chronological order.

    1. @Bill, Yeah, I should work on that. The PeeTimes on the printed page are in the order that they are listed in the database. I’ll make a note to fix that and order them chronologically. Thanks for reminding me.

  61. Your site is great, idea is wonderful, haha
    I thought you might need to separate users by sex – b/c there might be different “runpee” times for girls and guys even in the same movie. If I watch terminator, perfect “runpee” time for me is some fighting scene, but if a guy is watching some romantic movie, he might not be so interested to watch all the kissing scenes..

    1. @Di, very true. I would like to add a feature along those lines where it sort of tells you what type of scene you’re missing. I’ll try to work it in soon. But definitely for RunPee2.

  62. Just finished seeing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen………..HOLD YOUR PEE!! It was Awesome!!! Saw it in IMAX!!!

    Ok outside that ………. so far all your suggestions to the movies I watched are spot on! the timing is a bit dicey but hey.!!!!!


    1. @Annielicious, Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to see the movie again and make sure the timing is correct. I don’t know how but I think I messed them up a bit. And thanks for the smoocohes. 🙂

  63. How about a mobile app for the Palm Pre once you finish the one you’re working on for the iphone. I know there may not be many of us just yet, but the number is growing rapidly and should pick up even faster once Palm solves the supply issue (which they most likely induced themselves).

    1. @SportsBiz, Eventually every mobile device will be supported. I’ll put up a poll on the blog soon asking which mobile platform they want supported. Those with the most votes will probably get built first. But hopefully I’ll have the money to build all of them at roughly the same time. We’ll see.

  64. You guys have absolutely got to get reviewers/editors hired to give times for movies that are being released BEFORE they go into theaters…

    For example, I’m going to watch Public Enemies tonight, why can’t I see when to RunPee now? That’s why you need to get people such as reviewers and editors who have seen the movie BEFORE it hits theaters so people like us (dedicated movie fans) can know when to go RunPee if the urge hits us!!!

    1. @Joshua, I’ve been trying to get movie reviewer status for myself but no luck so far. But I think you underestimate the scope of this project. I created this site by myself. I see almost all of the movies – on opening day. I get a little help from my mother and wife but that’s about it. There is no budget for hiring people to do PeeTimes before the movie comes out because right now I’m worried about paying for my next tank of gas. Eventually RunPee will make money and we’ll be able to do these things – I hope.

  65. I’d like to be able to enter my movie start time then get an email (or SMS, but I imagine that could be costly for you) reminder for each pee time a few minutes before they happen. No need to print if I can just have my phone start vibrating.

    1. @Bobby, You know, that isn’t a bad idea. I have features like that running already that will update you if a PeeTime changes via email. I could do that to just send an email to people at the times they request. The problem is that the site is Flash – and I don’t know HTML well enough to rebuild it in HTML and really kind of hate working with HTML anyway. So you wouldn’t be able to tell the app when to send you an email. 🙁

      I’ll keep thinking on this and see if I can’t figure out a way to make it work.

  66. The iphone app really needs offline access.
    For ipod touch users and those without interweb access in the cinema.

  67. I just purchased the product THANKS.

    My immediate set of suggestions, before I really start using it are:

    1) Allow me to have an off line copy of a few movies that I may want to see but don’t have WiFi access to in the movie. It can either be via the iPod interface, e.g. when I point to a movie, have a Save button, and then have a UnSave button, or some other way to recover the iPod memory later. The other way, less Apple-ish and less convienient, to do it is to have a way to eMail the WEB information to me and then I could download the message to my iPod before going to the movie.
    Note: Perhaps it would be a partial to give me just the starting time of the Pee-Breaks in the Titles display

    2) Give me in the “Titles” display, an icon showing me that there were extras in the credits area.

    3) As you have such a few movies, perhaps you could accept users emails, in a well defined format, that you could automatically reformat into an UNOFFICAL entry until you get an offical Pee-Break entry. That way users could un-officially expand the data base.

    4) Provide a TimeClock for a movie, e.g. allow me to hit a “Movie Start button” that would the save the time at which the movie is starting, and then show how long the movie has run to coordinated with the Pea-Break. NOTE: I don’t want a timer as I want to turn off my iPod most of the time, but if instad of using a timer you subtract the current clock time from the user saved start time, you can get the same result and not depend of the application be running all the time.

    p.s. I do agree that allowing me (optionally) to un-scramble the spoiler immediatly is desirable
    More later when I rate the other comments and start to use if.

    1. @Mike Liveright, Thanks for the feedback. I’ve already passed it on to the dev who is working on the updates.

      #1 – I don’t know how iPhones/iTouch work with storing data but that’s something we’re adding for the update. So you can check the movies and PeeTimes and then if you’re offline in at the theater you’ll still be able to see what you saw before.

      #2 – That is something we can probably do in the future. Right now the info about scenes after the credits is just a regular PeeTime. But I’ll probably change that to be something specific that can be identified by the iPhone so that we could show that on the movie listings screen.

      #3 – You, or anyone else, can submit PeeTimes from the website – but not the iPhone app. It’s easy to do but you must register first. I don’t plan on ever adding PeeTime submissions to any of the mobile apps. Mainly because very few people would use it and it would needlessly complicate the interface for such a small subset of users.

      #4 – That is an excellent idea about the timer!

  68. ELIMINATE FLASH — I agree that the WEB site SHOULD be improved by re-writing it in simpler HTML form. It would allow rapid entry into that page that I wanted rather than going thru your FLASH start screen, automatic password/login programs, scrollable lists of titles, suppression of annoying animations, etc.

    SYNC (ipod) — I am not sure as to how to SYNC the RunPee application, so I’d like a Sync time at the top of the TITLES display with a SYNC button that would: Sync the current movies.

    p.s. I read that there is a capability for User Created Pee-Breaks, in the FAQ, so never mind the reqest for it, now to HILIGHT that feature and have it more actively used.

    1. @Ryan, pay attention! RunPee is a wiki. Anyone can add PeeTimes. Just register and submit. It will be moderated but I’ll approve it if it’s well written and not one of those, “This movie sucks” sort of PeeTimes.

  69. I have a palm pre and would love to be able to access this site on my phone, (cause who in the world looks up pee breaks before going to the movie) Sorry If I think that far in advance I’d pee before the movie.

    I would love for you to create a website that is compatible with all mobile phones. That way you wouldn’t have to develop an app for every phone out there, but would be compatible with everyone.

    Just my $.02

    1. I’ll have mobile versions for everyone eventually. The website will remain Flash because I’m a Flash developer and honestly I’d rather flush the whole thing down the toilet than create it with HTML. 🙂 I became a Flash Dev because HTML and browser incompatibilities became such a headache. You know how some people hate Flash? That’s me with HTML and then some.

  70. it was REALLY hard to find a movie I was looking for, so hard I didn’t find it!!!
    i love this though but im a bit more obbesed by sitorsquat!!!


    1. @missmay, What movie were you looking for? The ‘current releases’ only go back 62 days. If you want older than that you have to check the “show archived” box.

    1. @Diane Stevens, That would be great! I’ve been thinking about adding a subsite to RunPee for Independent Films. Something like I’ll be in touch.

    1. @Scott, I’m not sure if we’ll do the entire archive or not. But I am planning on showing movies from the past 3 months instead of the last 2 month. If we did the entire archive it probably won’t be part of the main navigation because it’s such an edge case that anyone would need it.

      If you don’t mind, can you tell me why you would want the entire archive?

  71. I thought it would be interesting if you could get with the movie companies and get them to release clips of the movies at the perfect time to pee, and then while the people are in there doing their business, they could watch the clip of the movie and never miss a minute.. just a thought.

    1. @Jim, Great minds think alike! That would be the ultimate RunPee experience. I’ve suggested that a few times on different interviews I’ve done. I think it’s a long, LONG, shot. But maybe someday that will be a feature. Probably not with every movie. But perhaps with select movies it would be an addon. And it would be an additional avenue for movies to market themselves.

  72. Love your site, but there is an error re: Harry Potter. You have the scene with Harry watching the untampered Slughorn memory (followed by non-essential discussion of horcruxes) at 75 minutes. But that happened way later. (I am pretty sure you mixed up the tampered memory scene with the untampered one. I took my kid (on crutches) to pee and she was mad at me cause she missed the Ron on love juice scene.

  73. Great website. The only thing that would help is when you go to print and there is a long movie with alot of pee breaks you can not print them on one page. I had to print the top then scoll down and print the second half. Thanks

    1. @Mark, yeah, Flash isn’t the greatest environment for printing. It doesn’t help that I made a real quick print feature. You’re best bet is to copy the text into a text editor. When I rebuild the site I’ll make the print feature work properly. I promise.

  74. The free Skyfire browser for Windows Mobile and Nokia phones runs flash, and I can go through the movie list buttons, but when I click a button I don’t see the PeeTimes for the movie or the unscramble section, etc, it just stays on the home page. Skyfire is available in the USA, Canada and UK currently from

    1. @focus p, that’s fantastic. My guess is that the problem is with the size of the screen. Obviously the site wasn’t designed for mobile phones so the PeeTimes are way over to the right. I’m going to completely redesign the site this Fall. When I do so I’ll keep in mind the mobile layout constraints.

  75. Not only do you need a voting system, you probably need a comment system about that particular pee time. I say this because some submitter are not very bright. For example: Why would you suggest for someone to go pee in the funniest part of the movie?? for a COMEDY (Ice Age 3, The Hangover) or good scenes like in Star Trek or Terminator Salvation.
    That just doesn’t make any sense. This reduces the usefulness of your app somewhat drastically.

    1. @Tony, The voting system is a given. I’ll also add something to label the type of scene that you’re missing: car chase, gun fight, music montage, etc. But many just don’t fit into any specific category. But something to remember is this: I’m not suggesting that you leave during any break. I’m just saying that if you really have to then this is a better time than most because I can at least tell you what happened while you were away. While I’m watching a movie most of the PeeTimes that I start taking notes for end up getting erased because something happens that I can’t describe.

      What would really improve the service is to have at least 2 people doing the PeeTimes for each movie. One person watches the movie, takes notes and then does the PeeTimes. Then the second person reads the PeeTimes and watches the movie to make sure everything is accurate and to help look for other scenes that might be better. This is really hard work to do. And since the site hasn’t made any money yet I don’t have the time or money to do this sort of thing. But hopefully soon enough I will.

    1. @Dee, I think the voting will help take care of that. But also as @Tony suggested, a comment system would be nice. These are all things that I’m considering for the redesign.

  76. Correction: I have just tried RunPee again and it is working on my Windows Mobile phone using Skyfire, I can see the times and click the unscramble button. It seems that sometimes the Flash gets stuck, but a refresh fixes it. I’ll have to try it the next time I’m at the movies so long as there is enough signal.

  77. You should stick with the standard previous/next instead of older/newer. Some of the categories (alphabetical, for instance) do not make sense with older/newer buttons.

    1. @Tricia, very good point. I forgot about that. Originally it was next/previous and I realized that didn’t make a lot of since for chronological paging. I’ll make it so that the buttons switch their labels as the type of sorting changes.

  78. Quicker way to access alphabetical listing of movies other than going page by page until you get to the desired letter in the alphabet (i.e. going through 16 “pages” of movie titles to get to the “T” section of movies.

    Much quicker to select, for example, A-F G-L M-S T-Z
    A B C D, etc., etc.

  79. I have the Best suggestion!

    Piss before the movie and after. It’s like smoking. If you can wait for a smoke till after the movie, you can wait for taking a leak too; it’s Not Rocket Science.

    1. @APisser, you know. That works for me. But not everyone can do that. Try suggesting that to a pregnant woman and see where it gets you. Plus some people would like to have a large soft drink with them during the movie but know that they won’t be able to hold it until the end if they do. And lastly, maybe someone can hold it but not be comfortable. That’s how I got the idea for this website. I had to pee so badly at the end of King Kong that I couldn’t enjoy the movie. I just wanted it to be over. So you do what works for you. If RunPee helps others then what the problem?

  80. This is so cool! I saw this in our paper Belleville News Democrat this AM (Illinois)..and checked it out.

    I have sent the site to my other Red Hat Ladies, Evening Homemakers etc … as you can guess we are all over the ages of 58!! And we need those breaks at the many movies we attend. Thank you – what a great service – and what a bright and enlightened man you are!

    Now I will check the “kid” movies out so when the 4 yr old granddtr needs to make a run we wont miss an exciting part of HER show either.

    Sandy Westbrook
    Waterloo Il

  81. A good add-on is listing the trailers that appear before a movie. For example:

    The Ugly Truth preceded by:

    The Perfect Getaway
    Shutter Island

    and so on.

    1. @Kelcey, Not a bad idea. I’ll talk to some people in the industry to see if that sort of thing is constant across theaters. I think it is at least to some extent. I’ll name it the “Kelcey feature” how’s that?

  82. I’d suggest you have times listed on the day the movie opens. I needed one for Julie & Julie tonight! Fantastic idea. Very clever & useful, but I usually always go to movies the day they are released.

    1. @Judy, as long as the film is in wide release there will usually be PeeTimes up on opening day. My goal is to have them done by 5pm EST. I got to G.I. Joe in time but the showtimes didn’t match up to see Julie & Julia until 4:30 and then I missed that one due to rush hour traffic.

      Until I can get access to pre screenings it will be difficult for people to rely on the RunPee services on the opening day. But I’m working on that.

  83. FYI, if anyone can help us get in touch with someone who knows how to be invited to pre-screenings, that would be a huge help to us at RunPee.

    It’s still just us (Dan, me, his mom and sister) buying movie tickets every Friday with everyone else. We want to have the PeeTimes up before you all need them for opening day for you! Any ideas on whom to talk to would be great if anyone has a connection.

  84. I need an app that will tell me when to take a break during the Bengals-Steelers games so I don’t miss Pittasburgh getting crushed or Carson Palmer running 80 yards for a TD on a naked bootleg. (could happen).

    1. @Darth Tom, I’ve recently become a Bengals fan since Jordan Palmer is part of the RockSoftware team that develops the mobile apps for But while my love for the Bengals may be new my dislike of the Steelers goes WAY BACK! Because I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I knew what a first down was.

      As for the 80 yard naked bootleg for Carson: lets not put him in that sort of situation where he can get hurt. I’m all for dropping back and lofting a bomb to Ocho for 80 yards. 🙂

  85. Im telling you football guys – invest in tv’s for the bathroom and/or nfl package on your phone only a 2 sec delay – don’t miss a thing to pee ~~

  86. It would be great if you could download the PeeTimes for a specific movie to an iPod touch or iPhone for when WiFi is unavailable or a theater in a dead cell area.

  87. I know it’s been suggested already, but I also know the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so I’m squeaking for an app that’s compatible for Windows Mobile 6.1 which is what I have on my Samsung Omnia from Verizon, a very popular phone.

    Perhaps you can get the designer of this Windows Mobile alarm software to help you: If there was a way to have it set up several alarms based on a download from this site, that would be the deal. Already the alarm software enables you to set up an alarm based on how many hours and minutes from right now you want to have an alarm go off.

  88. when i go to the website all i see is a dark red bar on the side and dont actually see the ad untill i scroll over… i think it looks nice as long as all you see is the dark red bar

  89. You should make the mobile apps so that the pee times are timer based- you start the app at beginning of movie and it will show you countdowns to the up coming pee/poo/makeout points…

    This technology will likely cause pee/poo point log jams (no pun intended) in the bathrooms, so you should include a sheduling/queue features as well… lol

    1. @mike, that’s pretty much the idea with the timer feature. And I would love it if RunPee was so popular it caused lines in the restrooms. But lets face it: not that many people need to pee during a movie.

  90. This is awesome!! First heard about this on NPR and now I am emailing the link to EVERYONE I know. Suggestion: Please oh please get this re-jigged to be Blackberry friendly.

    God how I needed this site when I had babies in tow many moons ago.

    Best of Luck. R

    1. @Rabia, Keep a lookout on the site because the Blackberry version is coming. It’s taking longer than we had hoped but it will be here as soon as we can possibly get it done.

  91. I’ve always been a student of RunPee times … usually I rely on the dumb romantic interludes in action films, but this is SO much better, and well done!!!

    How about a partner app: when I go the bathroom my partner monitors the audio (and video?) of the movie with their cell, which I can listen to (or watch!) while I’m taking care of business. (Esp #2). And it’ll phreak whoever else happens to see it.

    And then vice versa.


    1. @Greg, So glad you like it. That is a truly unique idea for an app . . . well, actually thinking about it it’s just a video phone, right? Well that would be a damn fine use of one wouldn’t it?

  92. I know there are cues, but you might want to specify somewhere prominent as to whether the peetimes are based on the showtime or the actual start time of the movie, after previews. For instance, a 10pm movie might not start until 10:20 with previews, and then if you miss the cue and go at the wrong time you might miss a good scene.

    1. @Clare, Perhaps you are right. I thought it was obvious that the PeeTimes are based on when the movie begins because the length of the movie is shown. The iPhone app does point out that you start the timer when the previews are over.

  93. I heard RunPee mentioned on the radio – possibly “Fresh Air”? What a great idea! Especially for those of us with small bladders and a reluctance to miss a second of the film.

    A bathroom trip right before the film usually gets me through, but when a friend and I saw the very suspenseful “Star Trek,” last month, I found myself running to the john about halfway (I think it was the fight scene on the drill that did it).

    Today’s my first day on your site. Out of curiosity, I tried to look up the PeeTimes for “Star Trek.” After clicking on the “Older” list didn’t bring it up, I was very surprised to discover that I couldn’t just enter a movie name in a search box. So, I’m writing to second Lee Anna’s suggestion for the same, and am glad to see your reply that it’s “on the list.”

    Thank you!

    1. @Jansan, you’re right, you’re right. I really need to add that search feature. I’ll try to get it in there before I completely rebuild the site. It won’t be too hard to do but it probably won’t be very pretty for now. Not that the site is all that attractive to begin with. 🙂

  94. @Dan Florio
    re: Not that the site is all that attractive to begin with. 🙂

    Oh, I beg to differ. I think it’s an exceptionally well done design. And I love the animated logo, upper left.

    A very minor problem is that it doesn’t fit on my screen, requiring scrolling to the right, probably because of some unintended white space to the left of the “tip of a flat belly” which, I think, is an advertisement.

    I’m using the absolute most current/updated versions of IE8 and Firefox. And it occurs about the same on both. My resolution is: 1024×768 (which could be the cause). I’ll send you a screenshot if you wish (and tell me how :).

    – Greg

    1. @Greg, well thank you. Just wait for RunPee2. It’s going to be slick. And you’re right about the horizontal scrolling. It’s just ads over there so you’re not missing anything. When I built the site I never intended to have ads but then I never intended to be seeing every movie that came out or spending a fortune on hosting. So I tossed some ads around just to try and help pay the bills.

  95. what happened to my comment? did you delete it? I was wondering if you could make a simple version that people can use if they don’t have a lot of fancy software on their computer. And they don’t have an Iphone.

    1. @Judy, Nothing happened to the comment. It was just held in moderation until we approve it. We get a lot of spam comments so we approve everything that comes in to keep everything neat and clean.

      I’m sorry but will remain as a Flash site for some time to come. That’s because I’m a Flash developer and wouldn’t know how to make it in HTML. And besides, I really hate working with HTML. It’s a huge mess. But others hate working with Flash. So it’s really just a developers preference.

  96. Would love to see the website made more friendly for mobile phones browsers!

    When I go to pull up the website on my wm6.1 device, all I get is a blank white page with scrollbars, and an link that says “health insurance” if i scroll down all the way. I had to pee badly 1/2 hour into District 9 and held it all through the rest of the movie because I couldn’t get pee times and the movie was too good to just get up go.

    1. @lythandrel, I’m so sorry. There’s really not much I can do about that besides work with RockSoftware to make apps for mobile phones. I’m a Flash developer which is why the site is built in Flash and will stay that way. But as time goes on phones are becoming powerful enough to actually run Flash apps.

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