Anything Extra Details

How does RunPee’s Anything Extra feature work?

altWe provide the basic yes or no information about Anything Extra in a movie for free. You can view that here on, or in the RunPee app on the Movie Info Screen for your selected film. This simply tells you if there is or isn’t anything more to see after the credits begin.

If there are scenes during and/or after the credits and you want more specific details (what the scenes are like, how long they last, if we recommend waiting to watch them, and how far into the credits the extra bits are), you can only access that information in the app by going to the Peetimes Screen (which uses a Peecoin).

Here’s an example of the Anything Extra information for Deadpool 2:

What counts as an extra?
This is a question that perplexed us for years. Most of the time it’s very clear if there is, or isn’t, an extra scene. But there’s a lot of, “Did that count as something extra? What about this little thing?”

After years of debating, this is what we use as a guideline for deciding if a movie has anything extra: if there is anything at all other than the standard rolling credits and music, then that counts as something extra, with the notable exception of what we call Title Credits.

Title Credits are those “fancy” credits that sometimes run for about the first two minutes after a (typically) sci-fi, fantasy, animated, or superhero movie. That doesn’t count as an extra. But anything else does, once the credits have actually started (bonus scenes before the credits are not mentioned, since we assume you are still in your seat). So…if there’s so much as a “Boo!” during, or at the end of the credits, then we count that as an extra.

And then we describe the extras, and tell you if they’re worth waiting for. Some people use the RunPee app just for our extras feature!