Creating a new blog post for a quiz.

  1. Hover over the “+ New” to get options for creating new blog posts, quizzes, etc.
  2. Give the blog post a title. If it’s a quiz then always start with “Quiz – description of the quiz content” (Do not add a period at the end.)
  3. Write a blurb about the quiz and it’s content. Something the reader can use to know what to expect about the quiz. Basically, how would you describe this quiz to a friend.
  4. Paste in the shortcode for the quiz, exactly as shown.
  5. At any time you can click “Save Draft” to save your work. The blog post will NOT be visible to the public yet.
  6. When you are satisfied with everything you can click “Publish.” This will make the blog post visible to the public.
  7. Add the tag: quiz
  8. Select the “Quiz” category.
  9. Select the author of the quiz.
  10. At any time you can returned to the saved draft, or published version, of this blog post by clicking on “All Posts.”