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While other websites/apps offer a simple movie rating number based on user input here at RunPee we go a step beyond… And then some.

First, we offer users an option to submit their pre-movie expectation rating. This is an optional rating users can submit only by using the RunPee app’s built in Timer — this is to insure that the rating is submitted prior to viewing the movie.

This gives users some idea if a movie is better, or worse, than people expected, and by how much. A nice added bonus.

However, the piece of data we offer that is truly unique is the demographic results. For any user to submit a movie rating they must provide their birthdate and gender. This allows us to provide users a subset of user ratings related specifically to them.

For instance, a movie might have an overall user rating of 8.5. That’s good to know, but if you’re a 40 year old woman you are probably more interested in what other women, around your age, think of the movie. We provide that information, and no one else does.

2 Replies to “FAQ – Peeple’s Poll”

  1. Why does the app think I’m a man? I’m a woman! And I love love love your app – I have Crohn’s disease and an ostomy bag so I often need to leave the movie theater, and used to miss the best parts of the movie inadvertently all the time.

    1. Hey there Melissa. Sorry about that. Not sure how the data got messed up, but I fixed it in the database. Unfortunately, the only way to update it on your RunPee app is to sign it again, which means uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. Sorry, I need to add a better way to do this. (It’s on my ToDo list.)

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