Creating Quizzes

Make sure the quiz has a title, however, this title here will NOT be displayed. It’s only here to help identify the quiz when you view the All Quizzes page.

Make sure you select the checkbox: Hide the title for this item. This is because showing the quiz title would be redundant, because the post title will be the same.


After you create the quiz you can get the shortcode, circled below.


Once you create the quiz it needs to be inserted into a post to be displayed.


When you create the post make sure you give it a title of: Quiz – title

Add your before blurb, and then the quiz shortcode, and then the optional after blurb.

Make sure to add the tag: quiz

In the category list scroll down and select the checkbox: Quiz.

Near the bottom, you may have to scroll, is the Author dropdown. Select yourself as the author.

You can press the Save Draft button any time you want.

Email Jill when you are done and let her edit. Then she can Publish.



If you would like to show an explanation with your correct answer in your quiz then click on the settings tab near the top of the page where you create a quiz. Then click on the Enable Explanations toggle.


Now when you add a question you can also add the explanation along with it.