Why do I need to spend a Peecoin before I can add my vote to the Peeple’s Poll?

Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with making more money. The simple reason is that it places a small barrier to voting that prevents people from adding their vote indiscriminately.

Other voting services, such as IMDb.com and RottenTomatoes.com sometimes have issues with groups of people “gaming” the vote for movies based on political motivations. This is why the the user ratings for movies such as Captain Marvel, and Black Panther suffered on their platforms, but not at RunPee.com.

I hope that everyone will respect their vote and not use it to cast a political message. However, for people who don’t they will pay a small price to submit their vote and they can only vote once.

Not only is the Peeple’s Poll rating system the only one to break down results by age and gender, but it also ensures a high degree of accuracy due to the small barrier placed before voting. I hope you can appreciate that.