The app that tells you the best time to Run & Pee during a movie so you don’t miss the best scenes.

Try it for free (Learn more.)

Try it for free (Learn more.)

Why do I need Peecoins in the first place?

We add 150+ movies to the RunPee database every year. (On average 3 per week.) That requires a great deal of time, effort, and money.

There is no perfect solution for how to make money to support the app. I hope that what we have come up with will satisfy everyone’s needs. There will always be an option to view advertisements in exchange for earning Peecoins, in case you don’t have the means, or don’t think it’s worth the money. To be honest, the advertisements make us a pitifully small amount of money —around 0.05 cents. (Yes, 5 hundreths of a cent. Every 20 ad views ads up to just 1 cent.) But, we would rather have someone using the app for practically nothing, and hopefully sharing it with their friends, than not using it at all.

Purchasing Peecoins is a huge help. They cost you 10 cents, per Peecoin — which you can buy in bundles of 10 for $1. That’s 10 cents for a Peecoin. If you consider that a movie ticket is at least $10 it just takes adding 1/100th that cost to your movie expense to not need to worry about needing to pee during the movie.

By the way, we make 7 cents for each Purchased Peecoin, after Google/Apple take their 30% cut.

If you really love the app and want to help out then the Infinity Peecoin is the way to go. You can get it in-app for $20, or via Paypal for $15. (It’s cheaper via Paypal because they only keep a few percent. We pass the savings on to you so we come out making about the same either way.)

RunPee is a family run business. Dan Gardner (creator/developer) and Jill Florio (co-creator) both work full time on RunPee. Besides seeing movies each week Dan maintains the application — you have him to blame for all the new features,  and the bugs — plus he handles customer support. Jill works fulltime writing for the blog which helps us grow our user base. It’s pretty much all we think about.

In addition there’s RunPee Sis, and RunPee Mom who are essential for helping us keep up with all the movies we need to see. Plus my wife Vera (CEO RunPeeChina) helps with movies and social media advertising. We also have Dana Simone and Shani Ogilvie who help us get Peetimes for movies. No one works for free, but I can truthfully say that no one even makes minimum wage considering the time we put into the app.

Fortunately, It’s a labor of love.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about anything we are just an email away: [email protected]