Why ads earn 1/3rd of a Peecoin on the RunPee app

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RunPee to the Rescue at the Movies

When we originally introduced Peecoins, each advertisement viewed earned one Peecoin. However, after almost a year of usage, we’ve learned that the ads don’t come close to earning what we need to support our ongoing efforts to keep the RunPee database updated with new movies.

The frustrating thing is the amount of money RunPee makes makes from a user watching an advertisement is widely variable. However, we don’t have access to exactly how much a particular advertisement view makes us.

For instance, if a user watches lots and lots of video adverts, but they never act on them by installing an advertised app, then the money RunPee makes from each view drops over time.

On the other hand, if a user oftentimes installs an app after watching an advertisement, then they are more valuable to the ad service and thus RunPee is rewarded more.

However, we don’t get any of this information. The only feedback the RunPee app receives is that a video was completed.

And even for users who earn us “top-dollar” by watching the best ads, it’s not nearly enough. On the high end we make around 2 cents for an advertisement view, and on the low end we make around 0.01 cents — that’s one-hundredth of a cent. The average falls around 0.08 cents — eight hundredths of a cent.

For RunPee to make money, we need to average around 4 cents for each Peecoin. The good news is that we make 7 cents for each Peecoin people purchase in-app. (The Peecoins are 10 for $1, but Apple/Google keeps 30%, so we make 7 cents.)

I’m committed to keeping a free path for using the RunPee app and will continue to look for other advertising opportunities.

In the meantime, if you really enjoy using the RunPee app, please purchase Peecoins. When you consider that a movie ticket costs around $12-$15, then the cost of a Peecoin is literally pocket change. A one-dollar purchase gives you 10 free Peecoins — which gives you unlimited access to those  10 movies of your choice without ever getting locked out of them or needing to spend another Peecoin. We hope our service is worth ten cents a movie to you. 🙂

Thanks for your consideration!

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RunPee FAQ – How Get More Peecoins (your choice: for free or ad-free)

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