How to find Older Movies in the RunPee App

By default, movies are listed by release date in descending order in the RunPee app, so when you go to the cinema you should be able to find the hot new film you’re looking for with ease.

Current Movies in the RunPee app

If the movie has been out for a little while but is still in theaters, you just need to scroll down a little. Easy.

“Featured Movies” in the  RunPee app

There is an exception: the Featured Movies — a curated group of films we manually add to the top of the Movie List. These are right on top every time you open the app. We choose which films to feature based on their ongoing popularity. For instance, a blockbuster movie might be out for a month, yet many people still go to see it each week. We’ll make this a featured movie so those users won’t have to scroll down and try to find it buried in the Movie List somewhere.

Older Movies and the RunPee app Archive

Also by default, the entire “visible” Movie List includes movies that have been out for less than three months. Movies older than that are Archived — and still available! Thousands of previous movies are in the app for your browsing pleasure.

If you’re having trouble finding any movie, or if it has been Archived, then it’s simple to use the Search feature. Just tap on the Menu (top-right) and select “search”. You can type in the name — or partial name — of a movie, and it will search the entire movie database.

We have been adding movies to the movie database continually since the Spring of 2009

There are a handful of classic movies in the database even older than that, added just for fun, like The TerminatorStar Wars, Titanic, Jurassic Park, and other massive, enduring hits. (Above links go to our reviews and rewatch commentary.)