5 Movies with Surprise Twist Endings

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We’ve all been there – enjoying a movie when the end suddenly leaves us with a big surprise. These are moments we never expected and make us love or hate the movie depending on how the end changed the plot.

Current technology has taken the movie industry by a storm. What we didn’t expect a few years ago is actually possible today. You can create life-like special effects or even prepare a magical world on the movie screen. Some of these effects may not be that new but they are definitely better executed, especially in the makeovers of some of the childhood movies of the 80s and 90s. But even amazing special effects take a backseat with twist endings. Here are 5 movies that surprised the audience with their endings:

1.   Gone Girl (2014)

The Background: When Amy goes missing, her flirtatious husband Nick becomes the prime suspect.

The Twist: After Amy finds out that Nick cheated on her, she plans her own disappearance making it look like he murdered her. Before she decides to return to Nick, she seduces and murders an old ex-boyfriend making it look like he kidnapped her. Towards the end, she artificially inseminates herself with Nick’s semen to keep him with her forever.

2. Citizen Kane (1941)

The Background: The movie starts with Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper magnate, laying on his deathbed. His last word is ‘rosebud’. Kane’s journey serves as an inspiration for a journalist, who decides to chronicle the mysterious life of the mogul, showcasing his hard struggle for fortune and power.

The Twist: It is only disclosed in the end that Rosebud is actually the name of the tycoon’s childhood sled. The unveiling of this truth puts Kane in a different light highlighting that he did have a touch of sentimentality.

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3. Planet of the Apes (1968)

The Background: After traveling at light speed for more than 2000 years, three astronauts end up on an unknown planet. They realise that non-human primates like chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas, rule this land and Homo-sapiens are taken to be second-class citizens. The movie is inspired by the novel written by a French spy.

The Twist: In the last scene, it is shown that the surviving astronaut stumbles across a half-sunken Statue of Liberty – letting the audience realise that the astronauts had been struggling on planet earth the entire time.

4. Psycho (1960)

The Background: Norman Bates is the owner of a desolate motel. The owner’s mentally-ill mother murders Marion Crane.

The Twist: Norman Bates is a split personality. After having murdered his mother years ago, he started to believe that he is his mother. Disguised as his mother, he murders Marion Crane in the motel.

5. Chinatown (1974)

The Background: Evelyn gets in touch with a private investigator as she suspects her husband, a prominent bureaucrat, of infidelity. As the investigator follows the bureaucrat, he exposes murder plots, corruption, and Evelyn’s young sister.

The Twist: When the PI reveals the involvement of Evelyn’s young sister, it is revealed that the girl is also Evelyn’s daughter since she was involved in an incestuous relationship with her father.