The Biggest Upcoming films of 2019 – Get Excited!

2019 is going to be a big year for films. It will feature the conclusion of some films such as Star Wars to remakes of movies such as Lion King. Whether it be Hollywood or films from Asia, there is a lot to look forward to.

So, what are the biggest upcoming films in 2019? Let us take a look.

#1. Glass– January 18.

M Night Shyamalan finally brought together characters from two of his biggest hits in a direct sequel. One thing about Shyamalan is that he knows how to bring up twists infamous villains and heroes who are aware of their actions.

So, what happens when you bring protagonists from hits Split and Unbreakable.  You end up having a bigger hit. Glass has brought together the DID afflict Kevin Crumb (David McAvoy), the super-ego of David (Bruce Willis) and the ego of the hero and the villain in Elijah Prince also known as Mr. Glass (Samuel L Jackson).

Glass is already out, and if you still haven’t seen it, then I don’t know what you are waiting for.

#2. Captain Marvel – March 8

It has been a long coming for a film dedicated to a female superhero. The film will star Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. The movie is set in the 90s. She wears nine-inch nails t-shirts at some point in the movie. Danvers will be joined by the likes of Gemma Chan and Jude Law. Although there are no reviews yet to be released, you should check out the trailer.

#3. Us – March 15.

For a long time, most movie lovers did not know that Us was a follow-up film of Jordan Peele’s Get Out. The latter was a big hit, and it gained international accreditation. Coming back to Us it has a fantastic cast from the likes of Oscar award-winner Lupita Nyong’o, Elisabeth Moss, and Winston Duke.

The trailer was released on Christmas Day 2018, and it showcases a family which is headed by Duke and Lupita, who find a family of doppelgangers in their new home. The trailer is quite scary, and even the poster of the film by Lupita is creepy. However, fans can’t wait to check it out.

#4. The Beach Bum – March 22

You know that the director of Spring Breakers can never let you down if you are looking for a fun movie. The Beach Bum stars Matthew McConaughey in a role which he was bound to play alongside Zac Efron. Did I mention that Snoop Dogg is part of the cast? However, given the weed fat content, you cannot miss him in such a movie. [Ed note: Jimmy Freaking Buffet is supposed to have a role! Rejoice, Parrot-heads!  We are seeing this tonite….review coming soon.]

#5. Dumbo – March 29

The Director of Alice in Wonderland is going to give us a new view into Disney. Dumbo is a sad movie, set in a circus. However, by the look of the trailer, Dumbo seems good.

Just like every year in Hollywood, this year has some great surprises too. Let us know which movies you are looking forward to this year.

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