Five Movies Every Gambler Should Watch

What can you say about gambling movies which hasn’t been said already? They’re exciting, often a roller coaster ride, and they usually contain important messages too. Therefore, they have always been very popular with film buffs over the years and they range from films about poker all the way to bingo.

But what movies are really out there to provide the confidence, inspiration as well as the good sense for everyone who actually loves the whole world of gambling, whether it maybe Friday night blackjack with friends or exclusive games online at PartyCasino. With this mind, we have chosen five of the best which we think every gambler should make time to watch.

The Sting

The Sting is gambling movie known for its twists and turns, with both the excitement and danger levels in the film increasing along the way. The story focused on Johnny Hooker, a con man, and Henry Gondoff, with the duo looking to exact revenge on a ruthless crime boss. The crime boss, known as Doyle Lonnegan, loves gambling, and this opens the door for the pair to set their big con in motion.

The Hustler

The Hustler, just like The Sting, stars Paul Newman, and it’s another great addition to this list. Newman takes on the role of “Fast” Eddie Felson, a pool hustler with attitude. Felson’s aim is to make it to the top, which sees him head from one seedy venue to another, in the hope of being able to pit his skills against the legendary Minnesota Fats. However, a bad experience sees everything spiral out of control, and Felson turns to Bert Gordon to help rebuild his status.

The Cooler

The Cooler centres on Bernie Lootz, a guy who is down on his luck. He works at a Las Vegas casino, where he’s made a career out of spreading bad luck amongst guests. However, things change for Bernie when he begins to date waitress Natalie Belisario, and he soon becomes a lucky charm for gamblers in Las Vegas. This causes quite the headache for Bernie’s employers, who had specifically hired him to encourage gamblers to lose.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story


Based on a true story, this movie shows how Stuey Ungar, who is played in the film by Michael Imperioli, went from being a teenage card prodigy to a gambling megastar on a global scale. From troubled beginnings which saw Ungar end up in trouble with the mob through his gambling, right through to a high-profile poker career, this biographical gambling movie documents the highs, the lows, and everything in between. It also shows just how success can come at a price, sending out an important message to viewers.

California Spilt

California Split is a movie which sees a carefree single guy in Charlie Walters, who happens to have a penchant hooker, also have a devout love for gambling too. His betting partner, Bill Denny, accompanies Charlie on his mission as he goes in search of that elusive big win, the one which can change everything. The film sees the pair experience both highs and lows on their journey, with good luck and bad luck in supply along the way, while outside forces come into play and threaten to derail their plans.


International Sports Films You Have Got To Watch

What’s the secret behind the popularity of sports? Any sport. Is the fame that is a part of the game? The money aspect? Or is the talent of the players and the physical aspect of it all? There’s a bit of everything in there. But most importantly, it is the myriad emotions that everyone goes through, whether they are watching or playing a sport that makes it such a beloved part of our lives.

Sport is an essential feature of human nature, and we tackle it on a day-to-day basis. We might wear the jersey of our favourite team to work regularly. Indulge in games, hang posters of our favourite stars, or watch movies that glorify sports on an entirely different level. Very much like sports betting, which can be quickly done online with surprise offers from bookmakers to give you the edge at the very beginning, sports films have for the longest of times been some of the best money-makers in the movie industry.

The connection most people feel with games like football, cricket, ice-hockey, American football, or tennis makes films based on these sports all the more entertaining and popular with the masses. Now, Hollywood has had a fair share of sport-based cinema over the years, so, here are three from across the world that should be on your must-watch list.

Bend It Like Beckham – UK

Packed with drama, comedy, and tons of heart-warming moments, Bend It Like Beckham is also the movie that made Kiera Knightly a household name. Following the trials and tribulations of an Asian girl who just wants to play football, the film is a light-hearted tale of friendship, family bonds, and battling societal norms for the love of the game. Bend It Like Beckham was also made into a musical and had a yearlong run on West End.


Iqbal – India

A coming-of-age film that revolves around a budding cricket player, Iqbal is different from the usual Bollywood fare. There are no dance and music sequences in this one, as a young deaf and mute bowler, living in a village, goes about making a name for himself in the hope of joining the Indian cricket team. Iqbal received critical fame both nationally and internationally, and is a film that the entire family can enjoy together. The most beautiful feature of the film is how the main protagonist gets help from an alcoholic ex-player and his sister along the way. In the end, everyone comes together to give him the support that takes Iqbal to the top.

Shaolin Soccer – Hong Kong

Sports does not always have to be taken seriously, and Shaolin Soccer is one film that proves that. A merry band of former Shaolin monks get together in this eccentric film that sees them take on soccer to promote martial arts. What we get is physics-defying stunts and goals, with dollops of over-the-top comedy, and several charming characters to root for along the way. Shaolin Soccer was a massive hit in Asia and went on to win quite a few film awards for its special effects.

Summer is coming so is nostalgia

We are in the throes of the summer movie season and if you’re feeling a sense of déjà vu, you aren’t wrong.

Familiar characters, from Woody and Buzz, Spider-Man, John Wick, Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Genie, Simba and Nala and Godzilla are returning to the big screen, all vying for the summer box office prize.

Summer movies usually are released from May through August but in the last few years, with Marvel superheroes assembling in April, the hot movie season starts earlier than usual.

Many sportsbooks online are offering odds on which movie will earn the most on select weekends and/or the movie season, which means if you buy into summer beginning in April, the big winner is “Avengers: Endgame.”

If the sportsbook of your choice sticks with the traditional calendar, other movies have a chance to rise to the top.

The consensus is that film studios, facing pressure from streaming services, such as Netflix, are turning to proven characters or titles to boost their bottom lines.

Movies, such as “Toy Story,” “Fast & The Furious,” and “The Lion King” have a faithful and reliable audience. The characters are known quantities, so the industry is happy to tap into that nostalgia and its built-in audience. But that’s not to say studios have thrown in the towel on fresh ideas, for example, Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” and the Elton John biopic “Rocketman,” but they’ve made a choice to balance the two.

So will a familiar face or fresh one “win” or claim “we’re No. 2! we’re No. 2!”

“Aladdin” starring Will Smith made a strong case exceeding expectations over the Memorial Day weekend. The live-action remake of the Disney classic made more than $105 million domestically over the four-day weekend busting IMDB predictions. With Disney having more than a half-dozen movies in release during the summer, it is many times competing with itself.

Others making a run at the box office prize:

  • “The Lion King” (July 19 premiere; IMDB projected total box office: $720 million) – The photorealistic CGI remake of this Disney blockbuster with it star-power voice cast will again roar at the box office, likely finishing No. 2 behind “Endgame.” The heartfelt story of love, betrayal, and friendship has wide appeal and Disney already scored with the photorealistic retelling of “The Jungle Book,” so this is going to be a big winner.
  • “Toy Story 4” (June 21; $600 million) – This movie was unexpected since it wrapped so nicely with the toys finding a new home in “Toy Story 3.” Color us skeptical, but it’s Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen) and the absolute last one, so we’re in. Hanks suggests you bring Kleenex.
  • “Spider-Man: Far From Home” (July 2, $415 million) – The success of “Avengers: Endgame” and Spidey coming back from dust could make this movie BIG or uncover moviegoers’ superhero fatigue.
  • “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” (August 2, $295 million) – A familiar franchise without Disney ties (finally!) that’s trailer actually shows star Dwayne Johnson lassoing a helicopter and Jason Statham being, well, Jason Statham.
  • “Men in Black International” (June 14, $210 million) Chris Hemsworth dumps Thor’s cape for a black suit, teams with Tessa Thompson to fight aliens.
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters (May 30, $200 million) – The lizard rises from the sea to take on other monsters. Hooray!
  • “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” (opened May 17, $180 million so far) – Keanu Reeves continues to kick butt on screen and at the box office to become the highest grossing movie in the action franchise.

So, familiar faces are expected to bring box office boom this summer and summers to come. Other movies that have proven themselves in the past and now in the production pipeline for future release are “Roadhouse,” “Gremlins,” “The Thomas Crown Affair,” and “White Men Can’t Jump.” Everything old is new again.