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leaving las vegas

Why Leaving Las Vegas is the Only True Depiction of Gambling in America

Why Leaving Las Vegas is the Only True Depiction of Gambling in America The year is 1996. Nicholas Cage wins the Oscar for Best Actor. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Nope, this is definitely real life – the Nicholas Cage, known as much for his bad movies, ridiculous love life, and […]

JoJo Rabbit

5 Movies From The End Of 2019 You Can Already Stream

For some people, 2020 feels like it has gone on for years already. But when you look back at some of the movies from the end of 2019, they still seem incredibly recent. So much so, that you probably haven’t realized you can already stream them. Personally, I still find it amazing that Spiderman: Far […]

2020 10+ most anticipated movies

The 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

From long-awaited sequels to stories so fresh they’re already blowing our minds, 2020 is shaping up to be another stellar year for movies. But though plenty of beloved franchises are continuing on, the lack of Star Wars movies, direct Avengers sequels, or Harry Potter installments makes the year feel like a bit of a pause, […]

The Most Personality-Driven AI in Cinema

AI add a lot to cinema. People have been writing AI characters since before movies even existed, and it’s no surprise that they’ve only become more commonplace over the years. Although there are certainly some AI that serve a technical purpose more than anything else, many AI also exist as an appealing character just like […]

Storyboarding for Horror – 7 Things to Remember

Storyboarding is never an easy task, regardless of what film genre you’re working with. However, horror films require some very specific style choices (if you’re going down the more conventional horror route), which need to be reflected in your storyboard. If you’re looking for somewhere to start with your storyboard, you can find different storyboard […]

All Joker Performances — Ranked

There’s no denying that the Joker is Batman’s greatest foe. He’s appeared in every type of media there is and been brought to life by some of the biggest actors in Hollywood. But which performance was the best? Below is an attempt to answer that question in chronological order.

Top Memphis Theaters & the Memphis Movie MeetUp

RunPee fan and guest blogger Gavin Anderson shared a few movie theater reviews from his Memphis, Tennessee hometown. Gavin is the co-organizer for the Memphis Movie Meetup, dedicated to ensuring no one has to watch movies alone when in town…and provides a fun forum for discussing films afterwards,  often over cheesecake. 🍰 Here are Gavin’s […]

Movie Review – Oblivion

This film will certainly be enjoyed by die hard sci-fi lovers for its beautiful visuals — it’s particularly wonderful if you see it in IMAX. The dystopian story of an Earth post-alien invasion starts off a little slow, but is intriguing. There’s a genius scene in a swimming pool. Half-way through the movie though, the […]

Movie Review – The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem, written and directed by Rob Zombie, definitely made it to my top 5 list along with Devils Rejects. However, this movie, with Zombie’s morbidly delicious way of thinking, is not going to be for the general public. It was visually assaulting. Rob Zombie imagined the witches as Manson-esque hippies, and very […]

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