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  1. Hello. Just wanted to offer some potentially helpful feedback.

    I arrived at a movie yesterday a few minutes after the previews had started. I pulled out my phone to quickly set up my RunPee timer and found I was out of coins! This had never happened before. I’m not sure if I started with some free ones, or if I get some for free at a certain rate, or how that works. But it was quite frustrating having to work out the problem in a dark theater surrounded by people.

    I’m not one of those users who thinks app developers should work for free. In fact I think overall you’re too modest with prices/ads for the value you provide! I just wanted to suggest that perhaps at an opportune time, like early Friday afternoon, when I might be going to a movie that weekend, if my account is out of coins, to send a notification encouraging me to earn/buy some for later use. I would have definitely taken you up on that if I’d known about it beforehand.

    Also, selling 10-40 coins for $1-4 seems to be too cheap and too many options. A single 20-coin package for $3.99 is probably better. I paid $4 just to avoid having to deal with for while. (Although the infinity coin, while a good idea for the app, felt pricey for me at the time.)

    Anyway, keep up the great work and ignore the haters who want you to work for free. The app is so well worth a couple of bucks that even the people who say they’ll quit it won’t.

    1. Hi Ben, Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I’ve fretted over the issue of users getting into a movie, in a rush, and realizing they need Peecoins. There’s no way to send a notification to their phone, but you did give me an idea: I can do a database query to find out who’s out of Peecoins and send them a group email. I think I’ll do that this week before Avengers: Infinity War. I just did a quick database query and there are aboul 4,600 people who fit the criteria.

      I hope to stick to the current pricing model, but we’ll see how well it goes.

      In case you didn’t know: the $4 you just spent on Peecoins will be deducted from the cost of the Infinity Peecoin, should you decide to go with it in the future. So you can get it for $16 in-app. Or, get it for $11 via Paypal: http://runpee.com/infinity/

      “…even the people who say they’ll quit it won’t.” I love your optimism. 🙂 I guess they can just use the other app that tells people the best time to run and pee during a movie. Oh wait, there isn’t one! 🙂

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