Movie Review – Thank You For Your Service

This is a movie that everyone needs to see, especially politicians with the power to make changes to an existing system that’s failing. Of course, I speak of the Veterans Administration. So, heads up to the current administration: with North Korea’s saber rattling — not to mention every other country that’s been offended by the countless rude remarks/action spewed forth by our ‘powers that be’ — we’re bound to end up with sons and daughters once again spilling their blood, only to come home to an ineffectual government who’ll turn a blind eye to the needs of our Wounded Warriors. And when that happens, the already overburdened VA will be inundated with returning vets in need of care, both mental and physical. As seen in *Thank You For Your Service*, the VA can’t deal with the current patient load, so will additional vets completely break the bank?


Last week I saw *Only The Brave* with Miles Teller, and this week I had the pleasure of seeing him again, as the unsung hero. The rest of the cast did an awesome job of honoring the actual military men and women. I give especially high marks to Beulah Koale, who played the role of Solo, perhaps the most damaged of the returning vets. Please keep in mind that these characters are based on real people. These aren’t just actors given a fabricated role by someone who thought this would make a great movie. That said, if after seeing TYFYS you can still walk right past a vet without a second glance and not take time to thank them, then you didn’t see the same movie I did.

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Movie grade – A+

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