When you Have a few to Spare

It’s fast coming up to that time of year again where our thoughts turn towards the summer vacations and how to keep our children occupied without it breaking the bank.

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that attractions on offer during the summer beak appear to have increased in cost over the last few years, putting them out of reach for many families, especially if they have one child.

There are things you can put into place before the children are with you 24/7 but bear in mind that activities need to be structured for inside as well as for getting out and about just in-case the weather isn’t so good.

As a starting point you could do far worse than going local to see what’s on offer in your community as very often the summer breaks heralds the start of many interesting and fun activities including nature hunts, sports, crafts and so much more for a nominal cost.

Check out the area where you live is also a great idea especially if you live close to the ocean or near to the countryside as it’s a known fact that we travel much further than necessary instead of using what is on our doorstep.

Planning for rainy days definitely saves on the house-hold budget and buying in a few craft items each week goes a long way to saving those days when the weather does a dip and no-one feels like going outside.

Don’t underestimate the fascination with keep in a pictorial diary holds especially for children not yet teenagers, and as long as you have a mobile phone that is able to take good pictures then there is no need to use a camera or go to the expense of buying one.

Board games still have their place in family life, so polish all those old favourites like Monopoly or Cluedo before the summer vacation begins.

You can also consider selling some of your unwanted items to raise money for the summer break using either one of the social media sites or eBay. We all have what we consider as clutter lying about and many of us put unwanted gifts away for them never to see the light of day, well this is a good a time as any to dust them off and make room before the summer holidays begin.

With all this planning going on as well as your usual daily routine, remember to leave yourself some free time too. Just taking a few minutes out of your busy day to enjoy an online site like Fruity KIng where you can play all the popular games like Rainbow Riches can rejuvenate and relax you as well as offering you a chance of a win.

The beauty of sites like Fruity King is that they can be accessed whenever and wherever you choose whether that is whilst you take a long bath or you are waiting in the lunch queue at work, as long as you have a decent Wi-Fi connection you are on to play.

Taking time out for yourself helps you be more prepared and able to face the summer break with a smile on your face, which in turn will make for a happy family time.