Top 5 Ways to Connect with Your Family on a Weekend

In a world where everyone is running full speed ahead during the weekdays, very few families have a chance to slow down and connect. As a matter of fact, many families are just as busy on the weekends and still only pass each other in the mornings on their way out the door to different activities. If you are one of those families, and most of us are in today’s modern world, then you probably would love to connect with your family at least on the weekends. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the top ways you can connect with the family you love on a weekend.


Have a Family Movie Day


Most every family loves movies, they just rarely get together long enough to watch one. One of the best ways to connect with your family is by deciding to call DIRECTV and order one of their packages. You can find movie channels galore, so that you can have a family movie day and never run out of things to watch. Whether it’s a comedy, a family movie, or just a day watching a horror movie fest, everyone will enjoy a movie day to just relax and be together. Don’t forget the popcorn and hot cocoa, because what’s a family movie day without them?


Back Yard Campout


If you feel that it would be best for your kids to lay off the technology for at least a day during the weekend, then try a back-yard campout. Setting up a tent is easy, and the kids will love a night out under the stars. Don’t forget the lanterns and some hot dogs to roast on the grill. You and your children will have a night to remember with no technology in sight.


Ghost Stories Around the Campfire


Most kids love the idea of building a campfire outside and gathering around it to tell ghost stories. Keep the stories just a little spooky for the little ones, then when they are in bed, gather the older ones around the fire once again to tell the real scary tales. Make sure to find you some good, sturdy sticks to roast marshmallows over the campfire and pick up the makings for smores when in town as well. The great thing about telling ghost stories around the fire is if it’s too cold outside, you can do it inside in your own fireplace and even have a campout in the living room afterwards. Make sure to follow all safety procedures doing any of these things as fire can be dangerous if not handled properly.


Just Take a Walk Together


Even taking a walk together can open up communication within the family. Not only will you be getting plenty of air and sunshine, you will have a chance to reconnect at the same time.


Make Dinner Together


It is said that the family that cooks together, stays together, so why not doing it on the weekend as a way to connect with your family. Dig out the old cookbooks or even look online for some new recipes and decided what you want to cook. It’s fun to cook together and you get the added bonus of eating what you’ve made at the end.


These are just a few of the top ways that you can connect with your family on a weekend. From telling ghost stories around the campfire to having an entire day set aside to just watch movies, connecting with your family is more important than ever in today’s society, and these are great ways to make it happen!