When it comes to doing superhero movies, Marvel has all the right ideas. Not only do they engage long-time comic book fans of any superhero under their studio with these live-action movies, but they also make casuals cheer at the end of their films for bringing together an amazing cast of characters and a storyline that’s easy to follow and understand.

The world loved Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, and the following years have been kind to Marvel, who have showed their excellent grip on creative groupings that continue to provide entertainment and cleverness from well-loved characters. They repeatedly set the bar high with their films and with Civil War’s success, there’s now a new benchmark on how superhero movies should be made.

Marvel has taken the world by storm in recent years – infiltrating a multitude of industries outside of the studio’s standard reach. In the past, thematic Marvel video games such as Lego Marvel Superheroes were only released for traditional gaming platforms like the PlayStation 4 and PC. Today, however, Marvel games have branched out to another gaming genre in the form of slot machines. There are hundreds of superhero-inspired slots now hosted on online platforms, one of which is Iron Man’s very own commercially-licenced game. Superhero-themed slot games seem to work as the trend continues inside casinos to this very day.

Perhaps what’s best about the Civil War movie is not the storyline itself but the opportunity for fans to see how these heroes relate to each other when they’re on the same or opposing sides of the coin. Some of these superheroes have teamed up for the first time and it’s either hilarious or awe-inspiring to see them in action. As former best friends, then enemies, and then best friends again, it’s quite hilarious to see Captain America and Bucky partner up and engage in constant banter with each other. Wanda and Vision, on the other hand, are wonderfully paired together not only because of their relationship in the Marvel universe but also because of their status as new superheroes in Marvel’s live action films. As for Black Widow (on team Iron Man) and Hawkeye (on team Captain America), well, they’re like lovers having a petty fight over who gets to wash the dishes tonight.

One of the most interesting parts of the film is the now-complex relationship between Iron Man and Captain America. It is extremely painful to watch these two fight, and they have probably torn apart the very foundation why fans love them in the first place. Some may adore Captain America but do they agree with him for becoming a fugitive? The same goes for Iron Man. He may be one of the most well-loved characters in Marvel but not everyone agrees on the fact that he follows the Sokovi Accords –a demand from all superheroes to be monitored accordingly.

What’s more impressive is how Marvel was able to pull off something unconventional. In all superhero movies, it has always been hero VS villain. With Civil War, however, villains have nothing to do about the discord that’s happening in the city. Is Steve Rogers the REAL villain here? Was Tony Stark right to ally himself with the U.S. Government? The thin, red line between what’s right and wrong is what makes Civil War an instant legend among Marvel’s impressive lineup of superhero movies.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is uniformly rousing, charming, well-thought of, and thought-provoking — things that are quite rare from a movie about fictional superheroes. Marvel movies truly have evolved into something that not only kids can enjoy but also appreciated by those who want a darker and more serious storyline from these superheroes whom they grew up idolizing.