Harry Potter and the Urine Points – Chinese Translation

I love reading reviews of RunPee.com, but the best is reading a Chinese translation. BOOM!

Chinese review of RunPee and the new Harry Potter movie

FYI – RunPee is HUGE is China. We are talking our most avid readers, devourers of PeeTimes. We’re working right now on a Chinese version of the site to accomodate the demand. We expect to have the Chinese version of RunPee up in the next month or two.

Original PeeTimes from Harry Potter Found in Garbage

Orlando, FL – Though they were thought to have been lost forever, the original notes from which the PeeTimes for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince are based on, have been found.

Archaeologists working in the kitchen where Dan Florio – AKA polyGeek – lives, unearthed these fragile documents from beneath a layer of day old coffee grounds. Working with care and precision the papers were extracted in nearly pristine condition.

Bill Gates and many others have already inquired if these documents may one day be available for auction. Sources close to Dan who wish to remain anonymous stated that it is likely that at least a portion of this collection will go to auction to help raise money for one of Dan’s favorite charities – his bank account.

Photos of these relics were taken just before the documents were permanently sealed in glass casings filled with a pure nitrogen atmosphere, so as to inhibit any further deterioration. Dan wanted us to be sure to mention that the photos were taken with an iPhone camera – which also runs the RunPee iPhone application that you can download for just 99 cents from the iTunes app store. He enjoined us, “be sure to remind everyone to tell their friends about it.”

original PeeTimes for Harry Potter You can see here the number “916” in the upper-right corner. This is unique among the collection of PeeTimes. It is generally thought that this is an indication of when the movie began – not the previews and such – but the actual movie. This would make sense, because as we all know each PeeTime is given an approximate time into the movie that it occurs. Therefore, knowing when the actual movie began would be paramount.

We can also see that another time has been written down to the far left and then scratched out. No one is sure why this was done. It is especially confusing since no correction is given. Perhaps Dan just screwed it up.

The rest of the PeeTime follows the general form of a note regarding the cue to RunPee followed by a few notes that will become the plot synopsis of what will happen during this PeeTime.

original PeeTimes for Harry Potter This classic example is flawless. We can see what can only be interpreted as the time in which this PeeTime began and ended. Followed by the cue and then notes about the plot synopsis.

Notice that this scene is part of what happens in the notes in the first PeeTime listed above. It is possible that what seemed like a good time to begin a PeeTime was in fact followed by an even better PeeTime which is detailed here.

original PeeTimes for Harry Potter At the very top is what can only be a potential PeeTime that never made it. You can see that it is listed to begin at 10:01. The PeeTime that is actually detailed here began at 10:02. Clearly this was another false start that lead to a new PeeTime.

What is curious is the reference to “Red”. It is possible that Dan couldn’t remember the hugely important main character’s name of Ron, the Young Master Weasley.

Many who like to think that Dan is without flaw have suggested that “Red” is simply shorthand for “Ron.” However, that is patently absurd. Both names have the same number of letters. It is obvious that this is the best evidence yet that Dan is fallible.

original PeeTimes for Harry Potter Another classic example of a PeeTime. Note however the numerous bullet points in this one. Some might question that a scene with this many details may not make for a good PeeTime.
original PeeTimes for Harry Potter Once again “Ron” is still being referred to as “Red”. It’s amazing to think that Dan still hadn’t picked up on one of the main characters names by this point. However, to cut him some slack, Dan must stay focused on finding PeeTimes.
original PeeTimes for Harry Potter Here we have an oddity. This PeeTime is clearly scratched out yet it does appear in the PeeTimes listings. Looking closely at the details of the submitted PeeTimes we can see that a RunPee user named Martyn entered this PeeTime into RunPee.com.
original PeeTimes for Harry Potter Another PeeTime that didn’t make the cut.

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Why We’re Not RunPoo

A few RunPee fans have asked why we don’t list PooTimes, or wondered why we don’t start a sister site about pooping during movies. I know it’s all in good fun, but to answer a silly question seriously, we really think that if you have to RunPoo during a film, it’s probably pretty urgent. You are going to go anyway. And you are probably going to go as soon as you hear nature’s call, movie break or no movie break. The Colon - wikipedia creative commons

There are two kinds of poo – the immediate kind that can’t wait (what did you eat earlier, anyway?), and the regular ‘movement’ kind that can probably hold out for the end of the movie and – hopefully – your own toilet. 🙂

For moms with kids in the theater, poo needs do take on a third kind of meaning: the kind that is a regular movement, but located in a person with little to no bowel control. Yes, your toddlers and young kids. It’s like needing a really long PeeTime.

For those moms and dads, we suggest you arm yourself with our RunPee iPhone app, or print off a list of PeeTimes from the website – and make the best of it. 🙂

How to Use PeeTimes at RunPee.com

movie theater - wikipedia creative commonsWe often get people wondering how to use RunPee properly as movie breaks. For using the website itself (if you don’t have the iPhone app), it’s really very easy to be armed with proper PeeTimes at the movie theater, and relax…knowing you won’t waste your theater ticket money by leaving at inopportune moments.

You can be sure you won’t miss anything hugely important…and if you print out the PeeTimes to take with you, you won’t have to worry about spoilers.

Seven Easy Steps for Using PeeTimes –

  • Go to RunPee.com and select the movie you plan to watch.
  • Read through the PeeTime cues – the parts we tell you to watch for. You’ll have to remember the cues later. For example, if our cue says, “Dumbledore says: off to bed, pip pip,” then remember to keep an eye/ear out for Dumblore saying, “off to bed, pip pip.”
  • Don’t “unscramble” the parts you’ll miss on the website when reading for cues. If you are spoiler-phobic, it’s not time to read those yet.
  • Print out your PeeTimes and bring them with you to the movie theater.
  • When your PeeTime cue comes up, leave for the potty with your printed PeeTimes paper in your pocket.
  • Do your business, and read about the non-crucial movie part you’re missing (now magically unscrambled). Instant bathroom reading!
  • Return to your seat, knowing that you haven’t missed anything important to the plot. You’re clued in to what you missed. You don’t have to lean over and ask anyone what is going on! Never again!

Of course, if you have an iPhone, our RunPee App (for 99 cents) makes things even easier. And we are working behind the scenes on apps for Nokia, Blackberry and Android. Here at RunPee.com, we DO give a piss! 😉

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  • The RunPee Mug – it’s a hefty ceramic mug that you can put your whole hand through as you hold your favorite beverages. You can drink things from it but also…well…may we suggest NOT using it instead of a PeeTime? 😉
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RunPee Rescues Moms and Kids Finding Best Bladder Breaks at Movies


RUNPEE.com new iPHONE App – Helps Moms and Kids Handle Bathroom Emergencies during movies without missing important scenes

Southern California – July 15, 2009 — Awesome new website and iPhone application helps moms assure that their children(and they) can take a bathroom break during the movie without missing important elements to the plot.

You may not have a pause button at the movie theater, but with RunPee.com and the new RunPee iPhone application, it is now safe” to take the kiddos to the movie theater potty at predetermined times. No more emergencies after drinking gallon sodas or that extra large cherry slurpie.

Erin Moore, owner and mommyblogger for ThingsMomsLike.com, says she likes RunPee because she’s “been missing the very best parts of movies for years.” She adds, “I’ve got a 14 and 6 year old and that means two pregnancies, too. [With RunPee] I’ll never miss another plot twist again!”

Dan Florio, owner and creator of RunPee.com says, “Each movie has a couple of scenes that are not crucial to the plot, that you can safely miss and still follow the storyline when you sit back down.”

Florio suggests printing out the PeeTimes for free off the website, and bringing them along to the theater for handy movie break reference, or buying the 99 cent iPhone app from iTunes.

Florio created the companion iPhone RunPee application to help busy moms know *exactly* when to suggest a bathroom break for their young ones. The iPhone app has a timer to let you know when it’s safe to go, how long you have to be gone, and provides plot descriptions of exactly what you are missing that you can read while waiting in the restroom.

Florio said making an iPhone app available was in response to literally thousands of inquiries from the small bladdered among us, plus moms everywhere and tech-savvy smartphone users. Dan says, “People don’t want to have to remember to print out their PeeTimes before leaving the home, and with the iPhone RunPee app you don’t have to. All you so is set the RunPee app to count down at the start of the film to cue the movie goer when PeeTimes begin.”

Once you are in the restroom you can unscramble the “spoiler” to find out what is happening on-screen so you don’t miss anything.

RunPee.com was recently featured on the Today Show, on NPR’s All Things Considered, CNet, the ABC News ReelzChannel, ABC Houston Morning News and the Fox2 News. RunPee hit the front page of Digg and Mashable, and made the cover of LifeHacker.com.

Cinematical.com calls RunPee.com “the #1 #1 site on the Internet” and Wired reports, “Quite frankly, this is genius.”

Moms, Kids and Pregnant Women can Breath Sigh of Relief at Movies

RunPee is a lifesaver for kids and moms because all moms end up missing movie parts while they run pee with the kids. Now you can make plans to go when cued, and you won’t miss anything important, and your kids won’t have accidents. Win-Win for all.

Armed with RunPee, young kids no longer have to try to hold it in, or worse, end up peeing in the theater seats. Now a parent can say to their children, “Jimmy, about 45 minutes into the movie we’re going to take you to the rest room. And here’s what will be happening while we’re away…”

Pregnant women especially can enjoy returning to the theater again. The Dallas Morning News reports, “With even comedies heading into the three-hour ring, now every moviegoer’s bladder (bless your heart, pregnant women; the Web site even has a maternity T-shirt) can breathe a sigh of relief.”

CoolMomPicks even suggests, “If you’re not pregnant but you’ve got the ‘I had three babies’ bladder like me, I’m betting it works just as well for us too.”

Contact: Dan Florio

Company: RunPee.com

Address: RVing Accross the USA

Email: ployGeek@runPee.com

URL: http://www.runpee.com for blog see http://blog.runpee.com

For Interviews call Dan at 1-310-977-0553


Femeze Incontinence Panties – not granny-like at all!

Always on the lookout for ways to improve people’s lives bladder-wise, RunPee found a dainty form of “stress incontinence” control in these normal-looling women’s panties by Femeeze. I am not sure what stress incontinence is firsthand, but I imagine pregnant women and ladies experiencing menopause might understand.

If you notice from the photos, the urine control panties look like normal underwear. These are certainly not Depends “diaper” undergarments. These are not intended to hold up to a full bladder’s worth; obviously, but the website states Femeeze panties will bear up against “small amounts of urine leak accidentally…caused by coughing, laughing, running, lifting, or virtually any activity that puts pressure (stress) on the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder.”

cute little  pee panties

There are Femeeze tee shirts as well, offering to keep you well- wicked and dry. This sounds good for nursing mothers taking an evening away from the baby to see a nice flick! Or anyone with milk leakage. Or a lot of sweat.

I think this is a neat idea for movie goers and could run hand-in-bladder with RunPee!

Movies make us laugh, cry out in fear, or get little jolts of shock…leading some women to get a tiny bit incontinent. Not so fun when you want to relax at the theater.

These panties, coupled with a solid PeeTime from RunPee (either the RunPee iPhone app or a page printed directly from the RunPee website for theater reference), can actually make movie-going stress-free and enjoyable again!

Kudos to Femeeze for a thoughtful concept that is wearable and discrete.

More Bladder Control Products at Amazon.com

RunPee Movie Posters – Terminated, Transported and Transformed

I was having a little fun with the RunPee concept. Yeah, I am a geek; please accept that as an axiom.

Harry Potter


I have a vague idea for an ad involving Wolverine and trying to pee with his claws extended. I’ll get to that when I have a few extra minutes.

Do you have any suggestions for other ads? Just let me know. Or even create some yourself if you want and tell me about it in the comments below.

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